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Learn How to Water Your Plant in The Right Way

Growing marijuana at your home can be a hasty task, especially for the newcomers. What the rookies growing cannabis complain the most about is watering, and we only understand the OGs of this game have mastered this art. To understand the right watering manners, we first need to understand the dynamics of a plant. Check out what our medical marijuana doctor Orange County CA has to say about watering nurturing of a canna-plant.

What Does Water do to a Plant?

Water carries vital nutrients, the roots suck out of the soil, throughout the plant. If you see a plant drooping, it should be running low on water, as moisture plays a significant role in keeping a plant standing tall. Without proper water balance in a plant, it will die of malnourishment and would appear physically weak/unable to support its own weight. So, let’s talk about how to water your weed plant properly?

How Many Times?

Twice a day, right? Wrong! The cannabis water equation is not that simple. Before watering the plant, take note of, are the leaves dark green or starting to take yellow? Are they healthy, vibrant, and rigid? And how is the feeling in soil? Overwatering is a quotidian mistake in canna-growers. Most of the OGs would tell you from the weight of the pot whether the plant needs water or not? But we are not that experienced. So, to check if your plantation needs Water, stick a finger couple of inches into the soil if the moisture is gone, bring out the pipes, it’s water. Also, brown or yellow leaves mean dehydration in plants. On the other hand, overwater pots will have curly dark green leaves.

Like a Growing Human

Just like growing human babies, your canna-babies’ feeding requirements will inevitably arise as they grow. For the smaller plants, one can use the standard once in two days rule, and for the bigger plants once in a day for the maturing plant should be the right watering technique.

It Depends on the Medium Too

Water intake of a cannabis plant depends heavily on the medium (soil and drainage) you are using for growing it. If the soil, filled in the pot, cannot hold the Water, your watering techniques should be different. The majority of the cannabis plants will need soils that are fluffy, rich, but airy, so to accomplish that task, we lean on the drainage of a pot. 

The experts of the growing industry will always grow their weed in a pot with a hole at the bottom. Meanwhile, compact solid mixes could hold water molecules longer, which means lesser watering. 

Damp soil will also be prone to pests, fungus, root rot, and nutrient deficiencies. Checking if your pot has a drainage problem is simple. See if the soil is taking longer than two days to dry out, even if it needs Water after three days, something must be wrong with your pot’s drainage. The symptoms could not be on the surface, but extra Water will surely land your plant into problems, down the line. 

What About the Temperature?

Temperature and environment is the base of any cannabis plant’s growth rate. For example, a 420 plant will take longer to grow in a cooler environment than this same plant in balmier whereabouts. That is the reason we have LED grow lights these days, using them? Cool! Not using them? No worries. You see, as the evaporation rates at cooler places will be slower than the warmer place, the plant would need lesser Water. On the other hand, the plants growing in warmer environments would need twice as much watering compared to their older counterparts.  Medical marijuana doctor orange county ca helps solve the problem.

How Much Water?

Finally, we are on the golden point of the article, how much water would you be showering? As discussed earlier in the report, the moisture needs of your cannabis plants will grow with its progress. Size, health, temperature, and stage of your plant will play an essential role in this. Now when you notice a thirsty plant, Water the plant and see the Water coming straight out of the drainage without any stay in the soil. Wait for 10 minutes, now repeat the process. Redo the whole thing once again and you are gold to go, the changes will be visible soon. The dehydrated soil will take time to absorb water, once it is thoroughly wet, only then your plant would get the benefit. Once every two days for seedlings and once a day for fully grown plant must be enough water to get a healthy plant. 

Budding Out

 As Lord Eddard Stark said in the second episode of season one, “the war was easier than daughters.” What he did not get was, dealing with daughters is more natural growing cannabis. Water, proper light, and keeping the bugs away from your pot is the mantra of our medical marijuana doctor Orange County CA. Have more questions? Let us know in the comments, and we will try writing more blogs regarding that. 

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