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How to Easily Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Orange County

Getting a medical marijuana card orange county allows you to obtain the most exquisite supply of cannabis at reasonable rates. And that too, without worrying about any legal consequences at all! However, there comes a time when your MMJ card requires a renewal. 

Here, in this guide, you will find out all about the medical cannabis card renewal process by medical marijuana doctors orange county.

The Necessity of Renewing Your Medical Cannabis Card

In a perfect world, you would get your MMJ card once and get your cannabis supply forever without any interruption. However, that’s not the world we live in! Most states provide a medical marijuana card with a validity period. Usually, this period is one year, but it could be six months as well. This is due to the medical aspect and various other reasons.

The state authorities want to ensure regularly that people are using medical marijuana responsibly. This is why the renewal process becomes a necessity for MMJ cardholders.

What is The Procedure of Getting Your MMJ Card Renewed? 

The process of MMJ card renewal is pretty straightforward and similar to the acquisition process. You will need a marijuana doctor for consultation and evaluation. You must only go for licensed medical marijuana doctors in Orange County.

You can choose to go to the same physician who helped with the MMJ card initially. Your original physician might still have your medical records available. It will save you from organizing your medical reports once again. 

However, if you need more convenience than the first time, you can choose one of the reputed facilities in your area. There are many facilities where professional marijuana doctors offer quick evaluation and a simple renewal process. 

In Terms of Documents, You Need to Bring These: Medical marijuana doctors orange county

Your government ID: You need to keep your state ID with you. It is required to prove that you are a legal state resident. In the absence of your state ID, you can use your utility bills that contain your full address. 

Your medical records: You can choose between online or in-person evaluation. But, in both choices, you are required to make your medical records available. These records should clearly convey the medical condition for which you want to get a renewal. Your medical documents should include all your prescriptions, MRI, X-ray, and/or disability certificate and others. 

Your original medical marijuana card: You need to bring your original MMJ card with you, as well. 

How Does The Follow-Up MMJ Card Renewal Evaluation Work? 

For the renewal, your doctor might ask a few different questions than the first time. A doctor will conduct an evaluation to understand your health status and how cannabis is improving your condition. 

Along with that, a qualified physician will make a plan for treatment by asking if you experienced any sort of side effect during the whole year of using medical marijuana. After the consultation, the physician will encourage you to ask your queries and clear your confusion if you have any. This will complete the process of evaluation. 

How Long Does it Take to Get The MMJ Card Renewed? 

Usually, the process doesn’t take too long. However, it depends on your case and the service provider you choose. If everything goes right, the renewal process won’t take more than 10 minutes. Yes, it is this fast. Provided that, you have selected the right medical marijuana doctors in orange county. Make sure you get your MMJ medical card renewed at least twenty days before its expiration date in order to avoid interruption in your medication. 

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