Can You Use Marijuana For Sleep Disorders With an MMJ Card Orange County?

Sleep is a luxury. Not everyone is entitled to have a good night’s sleep. In fact, more than 30% of US adults confirmed having less than 7 hours of sleep. And if you have a stressful day, it will take forever to get back to a sound sleep. Thereby, there is an increase in the number of patients switching to legal options such as marijuana for sleep using an mmj card Orange County

A lot of people overlook sleeping difficulties making them prone to consistent sleep issues. And this results in more number of days filled with laziness, low energy, lack of focus, decreased productivity. And all of this sometimes might affect their relationships as well. 

What Are The Factors Contributing to Sleeping Disorders?

Many factors contribute to sleeping disorders; be it work, relationships, clinical disorders such as depression or some of the medications. Plus, the available drugs or medications are not good enough for people with insomnia. And worse, such medications make them tolerant to even higher doses with the chances of withdrawal symptoms. 

Hence, increasing the severity of insomnia. In this article, we will talk about cannabis for sleep disorders and decode the best marijuana strain for sleep disorders. Let’s begin. 

Medical Marijuana For Sleep- Facts You Need to Know

Marijuana and sleep have an incredible bond. An increasing number of researches indicate that marijuana as a sleep aid is any time better than those conventional medications such as Benadryl or Lunesta. 

This is because of a simple reason. Medical marijuana interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system that manages most of the important bodily functions. So, cannabis actually targets the root cause of the issue and triggers the factors that will relieve the symptoms leading to insomnia. Below are some of the reasons that indicate that cannabis for sleep is a better idea. 

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Medical Marijuana Will Help You Sleep Faster

Marijuana helps to unwind naturally. Thereby helping patients to relax and de-stress without adding the burden of any other stress triggers. So, patients who are unable to take things out of their minds after an anxious day at work; will be able to feel the calming effects. 

Hence, will feel sleepy without any hurdles. In addition to that, medical marijuana is an excellent analgesic. So, will be helpful in patients who have continuous headaches or pain issues. 

Going For Aged Cannabis Will be More Effective 

Well, it’s not only wine that gets better with time. Medical marijuana will also become an effective sleeping aid when left alone to mature. (For this marijuana needs to be dry for a couple of years in a controlled and low humid environment). 

This is because THC degrades and gradually Cannabinol replaces it. It is a component of marijuana with much more sedating effects. Although, it’s a long process. But, you can ask any local dispensary with such medical marijuana products. 

Cannabis Reduces REM Sleep And Dreaming

Medical marijuana increases the time of quality of sleep that involves no dreams. That means it increases or triggers the time spent in other stages as compared to the time that REM sleep might take. (REM sleep is the time when a person dreams). 

So, if anyone is suffering from PTSD, medical marijuana can relieve nightmares. However, you need to talk to a doctor to understand the long-term efficacy of medical marijuana for sleep. REM is also important for a person to feel healthy and maintain a balance in the brain. 

So, you need to understand about the dosage and the amount of time that you can actually use marijuana for sleep disorders. This will help you create a balance whenever your body asks for it. But, before anything make sure you have a genuine mmj card Orange County.

Cannabis Helps You Breathe Properly 

THC in medical marijuana strains helps to increase the levels of serotonin. And this neurochemical helps to stabilize breathing patterns. So, it can be a promising medication for patients with sleep apnea i.e. more than 20 million Americans. In this condition, the body sometimes shuts down the breathing process. And the person needs to get up again and again that hinders their night’s sleep. 

Indica Strains Are More Helpful in Inducing Sleep

There are two forms of strains available; indica and sativa. But, if you wish to use cannabis as a medication, then using indica strains will help you obtain the desired drowsiness. Often patients switch to Granddaddy purple for their sleeping disorders or difficulties. 

You also need to check the level of terpenes and the type of terpenes available in your strain. As they also have certain sedative effects that will help to boost the triggers that help to induce sleep. Myrcene is one such popular terpene for inducing sedative effects. And indica strains have higher levels of this particular terpene. So, you can expect a peaceful sleep with indica strains. 

Marijuana for sleep disorders is a great way to induce sound sleep. But, make sure you have a valid MMJ Card Orange County to purchase your favorite strains for your sleeping disorders. 

What Does Research Say?

There is a lot of research going on to finding the perfect link between medical marijuana and sleep. A study indicated that one could use CBD dominant strains if the sleep was disrupted by anxiety or if the sleep issues were rising because of the PTSD condition. 

Another 2017 study confirmed that the use of cannabis for sleep has a promising future. It concluded that medical marijuana will induce a deeper sleep whenever subjected to any stressful triggers. 

Mostly all the research indicates that cannabis is an effective sleep aid. But, one needs to consult a healthcare professional before going for cannabis therapy. And if he/she recommends medical marijuana, then don’t forget to get your MMJ Card Orange County as early as possible. 

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What Are The Long Term Solutions For Quality Sleep?

If you are failing to sleep, you can try some lifestyle changes to help you sleep or boost the effects of medical marijuana for sleep. 

  1. Make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time. And this includes weekends as well.
  2. Make sure your room is dark and peaceful whenever you are trying to sleep.
  3. Don’t eat large portions before going to sleep.
  4. Include some form of exercise in your daily routine. 
  5. Avoid caffeine before going to bed. 

Key Takeaways

Marijuana for sleep or finding mmj card Orange County for sleeping disorders is definitely a good way to start a habit of getting proper sleep. But, you need to decide how to take your medication. As the long-term effects might not be suitable for your health. Take in small portions and don’t depend on the best marijuana strains for sleep to avoid any future clinical implications. Choose wisely. 

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