Tips To Grow Cannabis Quickly With A Medical Marijuana Growers License

Tips To Grow Cannabis Quickly With A Medical Marijuana Growers License

Entrepreneurs are swiftly entering the roots of cannabis culture. Cannabis growing is exciting as well as profitable for many. But, for patients, having medical marijuana growers license is about growing high-quality medication.

After all, they have to balance the diminished endocannabinoids to manage their condition in the best possible way.

So, they always look for DIYs or tricks to grow their medication as quickly as possible.

So, here we bring you with some of the tricks that can help you grow cannabis as fast as you can.

Tips To Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors Quickly

There are some tweaks here and there while growing cannabis that can help reach the harvesting stage sooner than otherwise.

  • Get Cannabis Seeds That Mature Quickly

Choosing the right seeds that mature quickly will help to reach the stage of harvesting sooner. Northern Light Auto is one of the best choices.

You can ask also the seed providers for seeds that mature quickly. This will help to shorten the growing period.

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  • Nutrition Is The Key

It’s simple, in order to grow healthy and faster, you need proper nutrition. Cannabis is no different. Cannabis usually needs more nitrogen in their vegetative phase, while the flowering phase needs to be replenished with potassium and phosphorus.

Start the process with obtaining medical marijuana growers license from a licensed cannabis portal.

  • Use Autoflowering Cannabis

These cannabis strains mature earlier than other types of strains because of the presence of genetic makeup of Ruderalis. These strains have adjusted themselves to grow and survive.  

Most strains enter the flowering stage within two weeks after germination stage. Harvesting time is usually 7 weeks. And the produce is almost similar to the other cannabis forms.

  • Quickly Shift Photo-sensitive Strains to Flowering Stage

If you started with other strain types, then also you can reach the flowering stage quickly, like auto-flowering flowers.

All you need is to keep such strains into 12 hours of complete dark from the time they start germinating. It does work, but the final produce is usually less than normal.


  • Grow your plants with Lights On 24/7

Most people don’t infer with this trick. However, unlike any other plant, cannabis does not require a dark period for producing healthy buds.

You can keep growing your cannabis strains with lights on all the time. However, look for any deficiencies or plant’s health.

In case of sickness, you can either lower down wattage or light hours for your cannabis.

  • Switch to Hydroponics

Unlike cannabis grown into the soil, cannabis strains grow faster in soilless mediums. This method helps to deliver nutrients directly to the plant’s roots.

This method will help to grow heavier, dense buds. This will help to get better medication for patients with a medical marijuana card Orange County.

  • Give 12 Hours Light Period During Flowering Stage

Want to kickstart the blooming process?

Then place the plants into darkness for more than 40 hours. Then start with a 12/12 light period.

This will trick your plant to enter the flowering stage right away.

Hope these tips and tricks will help to grow cannabis strains for your medication quickly. However, you must have a  medical marijuana growers license to extend your growing limits.

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