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Sativa vs. Indica Strains. What is the Difference?

You can trace medical marijuana back to the ancient culture (more than 6000 years). It is probably the oldest herb that one could think about. But, uncertainties associated with this herb are still taking rounds even after so many years of its existence. People don’t get used to the idea of the euphoric effects associated with medical marijuana strains. 

The thing that was still under wraps came into limelight when there was a lot of hype about cannabis. Endocannabinoid system, a bodily system that controls a range of biological functions. And cannabis seems to have an impact on this system by altering different receptors present in this system. Thereby, making it a possible medication therapy for millions of patients with debilitating medical conditions.

However, if you think that’s all about marijuana, well then you must not be a cannabis enthusiast. There are two different species of cannabis strains. One being Cannabis indica and the other Cannabis sativa. So, is there a difference between any of the two. Or it’s just how experts named them based on their genetics?

Indica vs. Sativa: Is there Any Difference?

If you were unable to distinguish between the two different cannabis varieties, then by the end of this article, I am sure you will have a lot in your hands to make that differentiation quite easily. Here is how you can differentiate between the two.


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Physical Characteristics

Both species have striking differences. Even from a distance, you will notice the differences between the two. Cannabis indica is short in stature with dense leaves or branches. The height is usually between two or four feet. 

On the other hand, cannabis sativa strains grow really tall. When it comes to identifying between the two using their leaves, then indica leaves seem to be short and squat, while the other product seems to have a long and skinny structure. 

Moving forward to buds. With indica plants, the buds are usually dense. On the other hand, sativa buds seem to have long or sausage-shaped. Sativa plants take approximately 70 days to harvest while indica plants might take around 50 days for the same.  

Therapeutic Effects 

Every strain produces different strains or effects on the body. That makes them viable for a range of medical conditions. 

Sativa strains are a perfect daytime medication that provides energetic or uplifting effects. You will experience alertness and a creative boost. Hence, you will be able to present different and innovative ideas that will promote focus. Jack Herer, Silver Haze, Blue Dream, or White Widow; these are some of the common strains. Below are some of the major therapeutic advantages of using sativa strains. 

  1. They are excellent as a daytime medicine
  2. They are helpful in increasing serotonin neurochemical that helps in managing biological functions such as appetite, anxiety, sleep. Mood, or cognition. 
  3. It improves your focus and gives you the necessary mind boost. 
  4. These strains are perfect as an anti-depressant or anxiolytic. 
  5. Lastly, they are absolutely perfect pain relievers.


If you are looking for the following effects, you can go for Hawaiian, Thai, or Panama Red. They are the pure sativa strains available in the market to produce the desired effects. 

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On the contrary, indica strains have higher CBD ratios that make them more desirable amongst different groups. Solely because of the reason that they produce minimal or no intoxicating effects. Some of the popular indica strains include Granddaddy Purple, Northern Lights, G-13, etc. The following are some of the primary medicinal effects of indica cannabis strains.

  1. They are perfect as a night time medication.
  2. They enhance the levels of dopamine that manage the reward or pleasure centers. 
  3. It helps to boost appetite while reducing any acute pain conditions. 
  4. It acts as an ultimate muscle relaxant. 

The following are some of the pure indica strains that you can use for the above mentioned medical effects — Hindu Kush, Afghani, Ketama. 

What Are The Parameters to Choose The Right Strain For Yourself?

Different strains produce a variety of medicinal effects. So, finding the right strain that will work for your medical condition is very important. For instance, the following queries might help you choose the perfect cannabis partner for yourself. 

Are you looking for short-term or long-term effects? What type of experience are you looking for? Do you like night time or day time medication schedule? Understand the content of chosen medical cannabis strains will help you identify the best strain for yourself. 

What Type of Strain Will be Good For You?

If you are looking for full-body relaxation, then indica hybrids will be your best friend. And if you are looking for a physical or mental boost, then go for sativa hybrids. You can ask budtender as well for choosing the best strains for your respective medical conditions. 



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