Learn The Best Tricks to Sober up From Being Too High

If there’s one thing that no cannabis enthusiast wants is to get too high. No one enjoys being in that uncomfortable situation where they are feeling anxious and paranoid. If you are also looking for ways to sober up after consuming too much cannabis, you are in the right place.

A lot of people are now choosing medical cannabis over other pharmaceutical medications to manage their symptoms. You can get an MMJ card after a 420 evaluation in Orange County to buy medical cannabis for your condition. But when you are consuming cannabis, you need to take care of your dose. This is especially important when you are using cannabis for medical purposes.

Whether you are consuming cannabis for medical purposes or recreational purposes, there is always a chance of you getting too high. This happens a lot with beginners, who are not familiar with how much cannabis they should consume. There can be various factors for you to get too high. Maybe you took a very deep breath while smoking a joint, your edibles kicked in 3 hours late, or you tried cannabis concentrates for the first time and couldn’t handle the potency. Or maybe you just have a lower tolerance level. Whatever the reason is, you don’t have to worry. There are various ways to get sober if you get too high. Having said that, here are some of the best tricks that you can use to sober up.

Trick 1. Stay Calm, Everything is Fine

You need to understand that all the symptoms that you are experiencing right now are temporary. These symptoms will soon dissipate and everything will get back to being normal. No matter how anxious you may be feeling right now, you will be okay. Keep in mind that everything is fine! So, not to panic and stay calm. I know it is easier said than done. But you need to try.

Also, contrary to what you may have heard or read, you are not going to die. No one in history has ever died of a cannabis overdose. So, whether you are feeling anxious, paranoia, or sweaty, you are not going to die because of a cannabis overdose. All these feelings will soon dissipate on their own; you just have to ride them out.

Trick 2. Drink a Lot of Water

This is one of the best things that you can do when you have consumed too much cannabis. You need to keep yourself hydrated when consuming cannabis. You can choose any cold, non-caffeinated beverage to drink like water or juice. This way you will be able to distract your mind by focusing on simple and familiar activities – sipping and swallowing.

When talking about hydrating yourself, never choose any alcoholic beverage. This would be your biggest mistake, as it can make matters worse for you. Alcohol can increase THC blood concentration, which can make things even worse for you. So, hydrate yourself but stay away from alcoholic drinks.

Trick 3. Get Familiar With Your limits

Well, this advice is not going to help you if you are already too high. But it will surely help you avoid getting into this situation the next time. Understanding how much cannabis you can handle is the best way to ensure that you have a good experience.

Trick 4. Try Taking a Cold Shower or Bath

I remember when I got too high after smoking too much cannabis. I was feeling very anxious, but my friend suggested that I take a shower. Trust me, it really helped me to feel relaxed while I was waiting for the effects of cannabis to fade out. However, this trick is only feasible if you are at your home.

Trick 5. Keep Black Pepper Handy

This simple kitchen ingredient can do wonders for you if you are trying to get sober after being too high. Black pepper can help you deal with paranoia and anxiety. You just have to sniff or chew on some black peppercorns to get some relief.

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