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How to Make Sure That You Get the CBD You Paid for ?

The cannabis market is flooded with various types of CBD products. Some arrive in fancy packaging curated for specific requirements while others make it to the top shelf of a cannabis dispensary. All these products have one thing in common, and that is labeling and packaging requirements. Each product label reads the ratio of CBD induced in the product and what other cannabinoids it contains. The only problem is that not all products contain the same amount of CBD as displayed on the label. 

So, how will you determine whether you’re paying for the right kind of CBD product or not? Well, guess what we can help you ensure that you receive good value for something you invest your money on. Read on to find out, and more vitally remember that you don’t even have to use a medical marijuana card in Orange County or some other region to avail of CBD products derived from hemp. 


Purchase Online or From a Trustworthy Brand    

We personally believe that purchasing CBD products from trustworthy brands can go a long way. Whereas, buying CBD from a nearby gas station, a store, or a normal cannabis shop means that there’s no guarantee you will receive value for your money. You see, the problem with such products is that technically we are not aware of the source. The only thing that you get is cheap CBD oil whose label reads it contains XYZ amount of CBD. 

In contrast, if you purchase CBD products online from a reputable manufacturer or company, you will get the product you actually asked for. To put things into perspective here’s a suitable example. Online cannabis companies or brands that are reliable provide lab reports. These lab reports showcase how much CBD does the product contains along with the ratio of other cannabinoids. You can match the lab report with the specifications your product label reads, and ensure that you got your money’s worth. 


Request Third-Party Lab Reports

Brands that genuinely produce good-quality CBD products either publish lab reports on their website along with the product details or else they can provide you lab results upon request. Only brands that have tied-up with third-party labs will be able to provide you test reports of purity and potency. Third-party here means that someone else conducts the tests for the company. 

Some of the best products in the market have QR codes that help determine which test results belong to a certain product. For instance, VapeandCBD publishes the lab reports along with the picture of the product. So, you can buy cannabis or CBD products from brands that provide lab reports easily.

Always Remember Packaging Matters 

Fancy packaging and a box looking like a cereal box you bought yesterday are most likely to contain less or more CBD than what the label reads. So, observe the packaging. Ideally, products packed like the ones you see in a pharmacy have higher chances of containing the CBD as promised on the label. So, avoid products that have rainbow colors or fancy packaging with only cannabis leaves and fonts appropriate for a music product packaging. 

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Seek Products With Organic Sourcing

Some manufacturers and companies go as far as mentioning the source of CBD. For instance, Bloom Farms, if you ever get a chance to purchase CBD tinctures or CBD oil from these people, you will notice one thing for sure. They source their CBD from organic farmers. This also indicates that all their products contain full-spectrum CBD with no room for impurities. 

Cheap Is Not Pure

The last and most important thing is that you have to be a smart purchaser. Pure CBD products undergo the process of rigorous extraction, and the labor and money required to do the same are not cheap. Eventually, these products turn out to be more expensive than normal products. So, buying a cheap CBD oil may lead to disappointment. More vitally, you are most likely to receive decreased value for your money. In fact, you don’t even need a medical marijuana card in Orange County to purchase these products. All you need is these helpful tips and a little smartness. You’re not being a cannabis snob, you’re adding value to the money you paid for. 

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