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Green Crack: The Strain You Need With a Medical Marijuana Card in Orange County

So, you are looking for a medical marijuana card in Orange County?

Then you are a wise man. Because you do need it to buy medical marijuana legally.

People don’t get how exotic strains are. I am glad that the people have started to accept it as a medical drug. The future of medical marijuana definitely looks good and is estimated to take over the pharmaceutical market over the next decade.

What condition do you have? Or are you just a medical marijuana enthusiast?

Well, any which way medical marijuana has been proven to be everyone’s favorite. All you need is a medical marijuana card in Orange County to treat your condition with medical marijuana.

Let’s roll back to medical marijuana strains. With so much variety to choose from, I know you will be confused. But the thing is I know a lot about them. Or so I think. No, I definitely do. That is why I am here to share my knowledge with you.

So lets up our sleeves and get to the strain of the day.

Drumroll anyone?

Did I use it in the title? Man! I just can’t catch a break.

Green Crack it is!

The strain is said to be dubbed by the cannabis god himself, you know who I am talking about right?

“Nothin but a G Thang.” Got it? Snoop Dogg! It is a 100% pure strain that can be grown both indoor and in the outdoor setting. It is all natural.

Let’s roll a bit deeper into the strain.  

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What is Green Crack?  

Pure Cannabis! Yes, full natural the strain is. There are only a few strains in the market that can match the sharpness and effects of this strain. Its origin is disputed. It was originally bred in Athens in the 70s. Descended from the ever so popular Skunk #1 with some Afghani indica in the background. It basically has two varieties i.e one sativa dominant and the other indica dominant.

Sativa dominant is the more popular one and it is the one we will focus on today. Don’t worry, you will find this strain more than the other one in almost all the dispensaries as it is the one that is in demand. It comprises of about 15-20% THC level which is slightly over the general amount of THC in other strains.

Don’t worry the strain will give you a good high and its impact will last for a longer time without making you dysfunctional. Instead, you can take it in the morning and expect to live the day without any concerns.

So, do you have a medical marijuana recommendation Orange County? Or if your recommendation is about to expire you can go for medical marijuana card renewal Orange County and get access to the strain.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Green Crack has yellow, greenish buds. When grown in colder conditions it shows a hint of purple as well. The pistils of the plant are typically orange or red in color. Their buds glisten like a diamond. Well, they might to me. Because they are to me as valuable as a diamond maybe to you.

The strain has a characteristic fruity and citrusy aroma. You open the jar, and the air will be filled with the nuances of hearty and woodsy. As it smells, it tastes the same as well. It is sweet with some phenotypes showing more citrusy and fruity taste than others.

So, experience the amazing aroma and flavor of Green Crack with medical marijuana card in Orange County.

Grow Guide


Don’t bother! It is fairly easy to grow and is totally worth it. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If outdoors, it grows best in a Mediterranean climate with low humidity levels. When grown indoors, it is again important to keep the humidity levels low.

They grow to about 4 feet high and yields around 18-20 ounces. It has a 7-9 weeks flowering period. The strain thrives in both growing methods, with soil and hydroponics.

Effects & Medical Benefits

Take some puffs and it will take you to a mellow land with a great buzz. Don’t worry about a sudden drop or hangover. It won’t tie you to your couch but will just give you enough high to get your energies up and a sense of relaxation.

It can be used to treat various medical conditions like depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Its high sativa content will get your day going. It is highly effective in the treatment of various mental conditions. If you are suffering from one, give the strain a try. It could be your “The One.”

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