Become an Eco-Friendly Cannabis User With These Effective Tips

Become an Eco-Friendly Cannabis User With These Effective Tips

While states are constantly changing their opinion on cannabis legalization due to varied reasons, there’s one thing that requires utmost attention. It seems like the cannabis community pays attention to every aspect of the industry. From craft cannabis to emerging CBD skin care products. This probably has everything to do with the growing popularity of cannabis and how it is touted as a therapeutic agent. However, this rapid growth has also caused harm to the environment. Despite the cannabis earth-friendly image and organic vibe, there’s deep demand for the supply of natural resources. 

Natural sources such as water and electricity are used during cannabis cultivation while packaging and manufacturing require tons of plastic. Not only this, but a large number of toxic chemicals end up in the waterways along with non-recyclable material. This leads to the foundation of environmental degradation. So, yes it is fair to say that despite being a herb, cannabis has its fair share in causing some amount of harm to the environment. Unless, of course, the cannabis community comes up with more environmentally-friendly ways. Moreover, it is up to the consumers, sellers, and manufacturers to be conscious of the environment, and here are some effective ways that could help you decrease the impact. 

Store Your Buds In a Glass Jar 

If you order cannabis with the help of medical marijuana doctors or purchase it from a licensed dispensary, they will probably pack it in a plastic pouch or packing material that is not so environmental-friendly. The law does not forbid cannabis companies from manufacturing or packing cannabis in a plastic container. In fact, for the manufacturing and packaging industries, it is cheaper to use plastic as one of the raw materials. So, whenever you purchase cannabis from the market or get it delivered to your home address, ensure that you discard the plastic in the bin and store your buds in a glass container. 

You see, glass is easy to recycle and your buds will stay fresh and last long. In fact, we are sure you have a few glass jars sitting inside the kitchen cabinet. Put them to use and store your cannabis containing glass jar away from the reach of children. Also, make sure that you keep the jar inside a cupboard. Dark and cold places will prevent the UV rays from deteriorating the potency of the flowers. 

Stick to Eco-Friendly Consumption Methods 

Much has been talked about eco-friendly cannabis products. From biodegradable matchboxes to rechargeable lighters and refillable gas lighters. You can choose an eco-friendly alternative and save the waterways and landfills from a large dump of lighters. This also brings us to the lighting and smoking situation when it comes to cannabis consumption. 

A large no. of people smoke cannabis and smoking is not an environmental-friendly activity, here’s why. First and foremost, you release toxic material into the atmosphere while smoking. Second, most cannabis smokers use plastic lighters that eventually end up in a dump hard to recycle. Third, smoking is not good for your lungs and the respiratory tract. Instead of smoking, you can opt for alternative cannabis consumption methods. In particular, those that are eco-friendly. For instance, edibles, tinctures, oils, and sublinguals. 

Get a Hemp Wick

For those who love smoking THC rich strains, here’s what you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. Use a hemp wick instead of a plastic lighter. You can also use rechargeable lighters but even they are made up of plastic. So, the best thing to do would be to purchase hemp wicks. They are made up of natural hemp fibers and you can light them for a long period. 

Additionally, hemp wicks are also recognized for eliminating butane flavor. You can use a matchstick to light the wick and light up as many times as you want. In fact, you won’t even burn through tons of lighters. All you need to do is light the wick once and use it for a prolonged session. Another advantage of using a hemp wick is that it does not cause any serious damage to the environment even when you get rid of it. 

Use Hemp Rolling Papers 

Rolling papers are an integral part of the cannabis smoking session. And regular cannabis smokers can easily fall short of them. Of course, unless, they have stocked up on rolling papers. The main point is that rolling papers are used extensively by cannabis smokers. Using non-environmental friendly rolling papers is a choice but not for those who are conscious about the environment. So, use hemp or rice bases rolling papers. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they do not release any toxic materials. On the other hand, rolling papers made of bleached wood pulp are thick, they burn quickly, and when ignited they release toxic chemicals. More vitally, we have to look at the production aspect of these papers. The production relies on wood and simultaneously forests. The pulp mills release notorious material into the water and air causing pollution of two major natural resources. 

Also, if you look at the unbleached hemp papers – they are made of naturally grown material with no or very few chemicals produced. If you light up using a hemp rolling paper, you will experience a unique taste and they will release nothing besides cannabis smell in the air. So, make sure you ask for hemp rolling paper next time you run out of a rolling paper. 

Use Eco-Friendly Products For Cleaning 

The problem with non-environmental friendly cleaning products is that these solutions end up in water reserves. Even if you use alcohol-based cleaning products to get rid of the residual material inside the vaping pipe, the solution cleans everything perfectly but leaves behind a solution that harms the environment. 

Alcohol-based cleaners contain isopropyl. A material that is neither good for the health of the environment nor the human body. In fact, some jurisdictions allow only small amounts of alcohol to be poured down drains for cleaning purposes. While these decisions are conscious and unhealthy, you have the choice to make an eco-friendly decision. Clean your vape and other equipment with eco-friendly cleaners. There are tons of eco-friendly cleaners out there. You can pick one that is alkaline based and alcohol-free or simply put the bong inside a dishwasher – a better and safer version of cleaning. 

Purchase From Eco-Friendly Producers 

There are several licensed eco-friendly producers out there. Some are famous while others are still getting into the process of constructing eco-friendly methods. For instance, a greenhouse to save electricity used during cannabis cultivation. Massive greenhouses allow growers to produce an excellent yield without causing severe harm to the environment. Greenhouses can help cultivators cut water and electricity supply and allow for recycled water use. Not only this, but a grower can harness natural sunlight without having to purchase expensive LED lights. 

So, show your support to the environment and ask your licensed producer what are some of the easiest and environmental-friendly practices for growing cannabis. Also, make sure that you stick to green practices when it comes to manufacturing, production, and delivery. You can also get a medical marijuana card from medical marijuana doctors and keep the cultivation process out of the picture. 

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