How To Control Your Munchies When High

Oh, the munchies!

There’s nothing more satisfying than digging into your fridge, finding every snack you ever bought and stuffing it in your mouth.

We’ve all been there! Immediately after smoking cannabis, we crave for snacks, and treats. And those munchies triggered by cannabis foster us to shift our attention to food.

Some of us become wild animals – foraging food and eating it until it starts to hurt.

However, it might be satisfying but it isn’t healthy. Even though smoking cannabis alone isn’t going to directly affect your body fat, the munchies (a side effect of smoking cannabis) plays an important role in making you put on those extra calories. And what’s more disturbing is that we tend to get it every time we consume cannabis.

Cannabis consumption has led to a lot of overeating. It becomes nuisance for people who have been trying to cut back on calories.

But why?

Some studies blame a specific cannabinoid present in cannabis known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which helps in increasing our sense of smell and taste. And when you are able to smell and taste food more efficiently, your body sends signals to your mind that you’re starving.

Where consumption of a proper meal shuts off our body’s hunger receptors, cannabis stimulates these receptors so we can eat as much as we want without having the feeling of full. This obviously makes a lot of cannabis users gain weight significantly.

While it might not be possible to eliminate the munchies, there are certain things you can do to control your craving and those satisfying-yet-annoying munchies.

Tips to control the munchies

  • Be prepared

Let’s face it – you will crave and eat something.

Unless you are one of those 3% of cannabis users who don’t usually have the munchies, you will be experiencing a sudden increase in your appetite.

The fact is the munchies often impel people to make bad food choices. But if you are well prepared in advance, you can prevent gaining those extra calories from all the junk food you eat after smoking cannabis. So be prepared, stay focused and make nutritious and healthy food easily accessible.

  • Junk-proof your snacks cabinet

Where do you keep your snacks, and treats? Do you have a dedicated cabinet for that? Do you keep them in your refrigerator? Wherever you store your snacks, go through it and junk-proof it. When you are high, your brain becomes more aware and focused. This means even if you lock your cabinet or fridge, you will ultimately open it. After all, it’s your home and you have all keys to all the doors.

So instead of just locking it up, get rid of all the junk food.

Yes, including donuts and cakes you keep in your fridge for those midnight snacks.

  • Embrace workouts

I personally love to workout after smoking cannabis. However, there are many people who just can’t just get up from the couch. If you know you’ll be high after smoking cannabis, it’s better to hit the gym before consuming cannabis. Working out makes your body active and gives you the satisfaction of hitting the gym.

However, I personally recommend going to the gym after getting high. This makes workouts more enjoyable and fun while distracting your mind from the munchies.

  • Define realistic goals

According to a research, it’s been shown that defining realistic, clear goals can help you control the munchies. If you decide you are not going to eat unhealthy, junk food for the next week, you will not go off the hinges after smoking cannabis.

Setting goals makes your mind focused and help you control unnecessary snacking even when you are floating on the clouds. You can hang motivational posters in your room where you’d be smoking cannabis or paste fitness goals on the fridge (where you will end up going). This will help you stay on the right track when you are high.

Controlling the munchies is every cannabis user’s dilemma. While you want to enjoy every bit of this magical herb and reap the maximum benefits, you find yourself stuck in the tornado of munchies. But if you try the aforementioned tips, you will see a lot of change. You might be able to control your munchies significantly.

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