Use your medical marijuana growers license in Orange County to grow bigger buds!

Planning to grow cannabis? Cool! What exactly are you aiming for?“Bigger buds”!! That was not hard to guess. Medical marijuana growers license in Orange County is highly advantageous.

I’m about to share some tips to allow you to grow the nug of your dreams.

So, excited? Keep reading!

Understand the genetics:

Before you dive into the growing phase, it’s important to understand that each strain has a genetics of its own. It influences the approach you’ll take to get on track of growing your lovely nugs.

Ideally, you should have knowledge of the basic difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Spend some time understanding this genetic makeup to equip yourself with valuable information about the nature of the strain.

Now, if you’re a first-time grower, try growing an indica dominant strain. Refrain from varieties that have a long flowering period. Such strains require more experience and attention to detail which is not suited for a beginner.

Choose wisely and get started with growing your stash of love.

Lighting is important:

Heard of photosynthesis? I’m sure you have. It’s the basic mechanism that all plants thrive on. Talking about cannabis, it needs light in abundance. While selecting your grow light, you need to pay attention to Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

PAR rating is specifically mentioned by manufacturers on their products. If you’re not aware of what PAR is, it’s the usable wavelength of light that the plant uses for photosynthesis. You should note that it’s not a measure of illumination. It’s just the bracket of wavelength that the plant absorbs.

So, while buying your grow lights, pay attention to the PAR rating and not the lumens count. Well, before buying the lights, it is advised to get the medical marijuana growers license in Orange County to grow cannabis legally.

Train your plants:

Training is an important part to get those buds blooming. There are various training methods which can be used including high-stress and low-stress training. It is advised to use low-stress training and incorporate factors such as super cropping, lolly popping, fimming, and mainlining.

You can find plenty of valuable information online. Just watch some tutorial videos on YouTube and get started with growing your stock of cannabis. Training can give you the necessary practice which you can use effectively for better results.

Do keep in mind that you should limit your training to the vegetative phase and not experiment with the flowering phase.

Use hydroponics:

If you’re not aware of what that means, it’s the technique of growing plants using a nutrient-rich solution. Yes, you guessed it right. It has no soil. Substantial evidence suggests that hydroponics result in better yield.

This is the prime reason why commercial growers are switching to hydroponics. The benefits bank on the fact that the plant roots directly absorb the nutrients from the nutrient-rich solution.

If you’re not sure how to get started, you can use hydroponics systems available in the market. Choose from a list of deep water culture (DWC), flood & drain, dripper system kits, and nutrient film technique (NFT). Use it and see how it works for you.

Bacteria are beneficial:

Presence of microorganisms will give the much-needed boost to your growing mechanism. It works by improving the metabolism of photosynthesis. Your plants will respond better and grow quicker.

Do some research on soil science to have a better understanding of the growing medium and use it to your advantage.


It is one of the best techniques to maximize yield. Pruning is basically removing the unwanted parts from the cannabis plant. This is a brilliant way to channel the airflow towards parts devoid of good airflow.

Just take a pair of scissors and remove unproductive parts like leaves, and shoots. Our prime aim is to direct the growing energy to the main canopy. With the right technique, pruning works wonders in maximizing your growth and yield.

Humidity and temperature:

The flowering phase is very important. Ideally, the plants should be kept at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and 30 to 35 % humidity.

Do make sure that the daytime temperature and nighttime temperature are not similar. To get tight buds, you should pay close attention to the humidity and keep the buds dry.

For best buds, you need to achieve the perfect balance between temperature, humidity, and airflow.

Use molasses to your advantage:

Yes, you heard that right! Molasses can offer the much-needed advantage to the growing phase. How? Because molasses can improve the presence of microorganisms by acting as a source of carbon.

Molasses are easily available in the market. Just make sure it doesn’t contain sulfur as it can affect the growing process negatively. Mix it with water to make a solution and add it to the main nutrient medium.

Just make sure it’s properly mixed to ensure proper absorption.

So, growing your own stash of medical marijuana is a brilliant way to know your favorite herb. Surely, the medical marijuana growers license in Orange County has made this process easier. Just keep the tips handy to gift yourself the nugs you always desired.

Happy Growing!

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Assembly Bill 1356 May Increase the State’s Number of Cannabis Dispensaries

Good news for cannabis lovers!

The proposed cannabis law may increase the number of dispensaries across the state, approximately triple the current number.

Despite the voters’ approval of Proposition 64 in 2016, legalizing recreational marijuana, there’re many cities don’t allow marijuana retail businesses. Assembly Bill 1356 is intended to open those banned cannabis retailers in the state.

What’s the AB 1356, and will it be successful in killing the black market. Read on to learn more.

AB-1356 – What’s it All About?

Assembly Bill 1356 is a piece of legalization, which would push the local authorities to approve cannabis retail license for every four bars/restaurants that have a liquor license or for every 10,000 residents. The bill proposes 2,200 new cannabis dispensaries across the state; currently, the number is around 631.

In 2016, The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) (Proposition 64) was passed with approval from 57% of the voters in the state, allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. But, still, many cities and counties that had voted for cannabis legalization, don’t allow retail marijuana businesses.

The AB 1356 will fulfill the will of people who once voted for cannabis legalization in the state.

Recently, 24 cities who restrict cannabis sales sued Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration, saying that the state is violating the Prop 64 by permitting cannabis home deliveries.

And, introducing this bill could be the second face of the ongoing battle between the state officials and cities & counties opposing cannabis sales.

Phil Ting, a Democratic State Assembly Member who introduced the bill, said, “It’s unfortunate that the cities and the counties really haven’t fulfilled the will of the voters to provide legal access under Proposition 64.”

Recently, 12 Democratic State Assembly members have voted in favor of it. But, many cities and counties are fighting the legalization, citing the move by the state may crush their rights to determine what businesses can operate in their regions.

The Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy said, “I think it’s ridiculous and I think it’s an overreach. The bill is an example of Sacramento deciding what should happen at the local level, and it’s just wrong.”

Newsom said that the state is expected to get cannabis taxes of $359 million next year.

What About the Black Market in the State?

medical marijuana card

Cannabis black market has always been a problem in the state. In the cities and the counties that aren’t allowing cannabis retail business, people get marijuana products from the black market.

Legalizing cannabis was supposed to stop the growth of illicit dealers, but that hasn’t happened yet. Both consumers and cannabis businesses are suffering from the banned marijuana sales.

The Assembly Bill 1356 is for the cities and the counties who once supported the Prop 64, but aren’t allowing cannabis sales currently. However, the cities that opposed Prop 64 would uphold their ban on marijuana sales.

Many people think that Ting’s bill can’t limit the rights of local authorities on cannabis sales. Some think that allowing cannabis retailers could lead to an increase in the crime rate as the marijuana shops have a lot of cash.

Mayor Gabel-Luddy said, “One of the problems is the handling of the cash involved in cannabis sales. It’s a concern for us when there’re large amounts of cash laying around.”

People who are supporting the Ting’s bill say that there should be legal access to cannabis, especially to the patients whose well-being is affected by such bans.


The 2016’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) allows cannabis sales for recreational users across California. But, after the legalization, the process of allowing legal access to cannabis to people in the state hasn’t been fully implemented yet. There’re many cities and counties who voted for Prop 64, but aren’t allowing cannabis sales.

Assembly Bill 1356 is a great move by the state to allow cannabis retail businesses sell marijuana products. If passed, it enables the local authorities to approve retail license for every four bars holding a liquor license or every 10,000 residents.

This bill may also help in killing the black market, which has been a major problem for legalized cannabis businesses.

However, medical marijuana can be a great option for people to get an easy access to the herb. As a medical user, you can enjoy many benefits over recreational users. These include access to more state-licensed dispensaries, fewer restrictions, high-quality cannabis products, legal permission to grow cannabis on your own, etc.

Talk to a 420 doctor to apply for your medical marijuana card in Orange County.

What’re your thoughts about Assembly Bill 1356? Should it be passed? Will it be able to kill the black market? Share your views in the comment section below.

Use Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation In Orange County To Find The Best Strain For Yourself!

What does marijuana remind you of?

Buds, smoke buddies, vaping? Well, these are sure to bounce on your mind but there is one aspect which is always in discussion. The STRAINS!


Your medical marijuana recommendation in Orange County can be really handy.


It gives you the token to access the plethora of strains in dispensaries. While the immensity in variety is definitely impressive, it’s necessary to choose the right strain for yourself.

Why is choosing the right strain important?

It’s no rocket science. It’s pretty simple. With plenty of variety in stock, it’s vital to understand the subtle differences between each strain and then subsequently make an informed choice. In fact, it’s important because:

You might be a beginner

It’s understandable that you want to grab those buds but if you’re just beginning the game, it’s necessary to start slow. Marijuana is equipped with THC which can launch you in distant places. Not literally but you I guess you know what I mean.

Strains like Blue Dream are ideal for beginners due to their mellow effects which is relaxing and will leave you with a soft vibe asking for more.

Each strain is different

Every cannabis strain has a specific lineage. While indica and sativa are definitely popular, hybrid strains are fast gaining mileage. Thanks to continuous breeding and lab tests which has gifted us with an attractive variety.

If you’re looking for energy and creativity, sativa strains are the ones to go for. Indica is best suited for nighttime use and relaxation.

So, the strain you choose definitely sketches the kind of experience you’ll have.

Cannabis has medicinal properties

Constant research has cemented the fact that marijuana is loaded with medicinal properties. This arises from the presence of active compounds THC and CBD. They interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body to induce therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects.

So, medical cannabis in Orange County can be used to enhance your overall health effectively.

How to choose the right strain?

You might be inclined to try the vibrant variety but it’s necessary to make the best choice. This can be established with the help of:

420 evaluations

This is a great way to know which strain will work best for you. A cannabis evaluation can link you to a certified medical marijuana doctor in Orange County who can diagnose your medical issue and recommend the best suited strain which can specifically treat the subsequent issue.

A successful 420 evaluation can make you eligible to own a MMJ card which lets you purchase cannabis strains legally from a dispensary.


This has to be your favorite spot in town as it is stocked with all the tempting strains. Dispensaries have budtenders who have the basic knowledge of strains and they can guide you in choosing the right strain based on your preferences.

Also, there are various dispensaries which has special smoke zones which can allow you to test your bud and then make a choice.

At this point you must surely be filled with the thoughts of heading to the nearest store.

Keep this information handy!

Highly rated strains in Orange County

Green Crack

This sativa dominant strain was named by Snoop Dogg himself. It delivers a fruity flavor packed with an energetic high and suited for treating anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue.

Girl Scout Cookies

Packing a THC content of 25%, this indica dominant strain is ideal for night time use. The medical benefits include alleviating pain ,depression, and insomnia.

Blue Dream

A cross between Blueberry and Haze, this strain averages a THC content between 17% and 24%. It has the required properties which makes it perfect for alleviating pain, depression and lack of appetite.

Granddaddy Purple  

With 80% indica and 20% sativa genetic makeup this potent strain is sure lift your senses up. It will relax your body to the core and leave you in complete bliss making it ideal for nighttime use. It is helpful in treating depression, loss of appetite, stress, and anxiety.

The immensity in strain is sure to leave you perplexed. Therefore, choosing the right strain is essential to let you have the best cannabis experience. Ideally, a medical marijuana recommendation in Orange County can help you in effectively making an informed choice through certified medical doctors.

Since cannabis has the required medicinal properties, whichever strain you choose, it is bound to leave you in happiness.