Commonly Asked Questions Before Opting For MMJ Evaluations in Orange County

The wave of medical cannabis is spreading like a fire in almost every state, province, or city of the United States. While this might be good for the future of cannabis for medical care, but, on the other hand, it can result in many queries literally “popping out of the mind” when applying for MMJ Evaluations In Orange County

Something like-

  • Can Medical Cannabis Cause Any Addiction?

  • Is Cannabis Psychoactive or Intoxicating?

  • Does Frequent Usage of Cannabis Result in Development of Tolerance?

  • Does Everyone Have to Go Through Cannabis Use Syndrome?

  • Will I Be Vulnerable For Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

Hold on!

I know these questions might actually affect your choices of whether or not to go for cannabis for your medical condition. But, worry not. We will answer all your queries one by one and helping you understand cannabis in a much better way.

  • Can Medical Cannabis Cause Any Addiction?

Well, the answer to this question is a bit tricky. Doctors providing 420 evaluations online say, “For some, it can be. While, for others, it can definitely not produce the same effects.” But, what’s the difference?

Medical cannabis triggers the reward system of the body. So, technically, anything which targets that system has the tendency to being abused. Yes! You heard it right.

But, it depends on the quantity and usage of the product. Plus,in comparison to the other products that are addictive such as nicotine, opioids, alcohol, and others; medical cannabis can be least abused.

This is not what we are saying, rather what research and specialists providing MMJ evaluations in Orange County say. As per most of the researches, and studies, binge drinking or smoking can definitely kill a person, but consuming cannabis can only create few physical effects. Besides that, there are no chances of dying of a cannabis overdose.

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  • Is Cannabis Psychoactive or Intoxicating?

These terms are highly inter-related. It’s like products which are intoxicating are definitely psychoactive. But, vice versa is definitely not true.

So, cannabis although being psychoactive, can definitely not be the cause of intoxication. However, you can consult for more while obtaining mmj recommendations.

  • Does Frequent Usage of Cannabis Result in Development of Tolerance?

Medical cannabis, or for that matter, any product, when consumed on a frequent basis, can reach the levels of tolerance. According to this, the product stops producing the recommended effects.

But, that will affect your medication routine?

Well. The answer to this query is simple.

Doctors providing MMJ evaluations in Orange County suggest to consume cannabis with some breaks in between to avoid reaching the threshold of tolerance. So, whenever, you start consuming cannabis, make sure to avoid it for a period of around 48 hours every 15 days. This will help to bring backs levels of CB1 receptor activity to normal.

This will also help in developing the right environment in the body which will help to avoid the chances of increasing cannabis doses.

Hence, a win-win situation for all.

  • Does Everyone Have to Go Through Cannabis Use Syndrome?

It basically denoted losing control despite facing the adverse effects. As per the guidelines stated by Marijuana Addictive Disorders- DSM 5 Substance-Related Disorders, if any person is seen exhibiting two of the following symptoms around a period of 12 months, then they are definitely going through cannabis use syndrome.

Using cannabis in larger doses than the recommended amounts for a large span. Most of the time goes into buying, using and recovering from the cannabis effects.

  • When the craving for cannabis consumption goes out of control.

  • Cannabis use has started affecting the daily activities of your life.

  • Ignoring social or occupational activities just for consuming cannabis

  • Using cannabis despite showing symptoms of over usage.

  • Started showing cannabis withdrawal symptoms.

Medical cannabis is definitely good. But, as they, anything in excess will affect in some or the other way. And you can easily control by taking the supposed tolerance breaks.

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  • Will I Be Vulnerable For Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

For starters, the syndrome mostly comprises of continuous episodes of nausea and vomiting. Taking a break from cannabis is the most preferred solution for avoiding this medical episode to happen. You can also go for hot water shower or applying topical capsaicin for relieving the effect if they ever happen.

Medical cannabis is a natural therapy which can do wonders for your medical cannabis. But, you must learn all the-

  • What?

  • When?

  • How?

  • Why’s?

Of cannabis in order to free yourself from any adverse effect concerning medical marijuana. You can also consult experts providing mmj evaluations in Orange County for the same.


Medical cannabis has entered our lives very quickly. But, still, there are many questions which remain unanswered with respect to cannabis. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions which comes in the mind of a patient while applying for MMJ evaluations in Orange County. Let all your confusion take rest without leaving any scope of miscommunication or misinterpretation.  

New Regulations For California Cannabis Delivery Services


In California, the legalization of cannabis (for both medical and recreational purposes) has already set significant effects on the marijuana industry. Considering its health benefits, CA lawmakers are now putting great efforts in making the herb easily accessible to the consumers. 

The new regulations on cannabis home delivery services are in favor of cannabis lovers. Whether you’re a recreational marijuana consumer or medical cannabis user in Orange County (or any other part of the state), you can now get your favorite cannabis products delivered to their homes.

Read on to learn about the cannabis delivery new regulations—GPS tracking, sales receipt, and more.

Cannabis delivery services in California – new rules

Cannabis delivery is allowed statewide

On January 16, 2019, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) issued new guidelines related to the cannabis delivery services in the state. The three main authorities the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Food and Agriculture and the Department of Public Health spent extra time changing the existing regulations.

One of the most important policies is—allowing dispensaries to deliver cannabis products throughout California, even in cities and counties that have laws prohibiting marijuana.

By allowing cannabis delivery services statewide, California has become the first US state to do so.

This will help over 100 state-licensed dispensaries and people who don’t have time to visit dispensaries to purchase cannabis products.

Also, people who are physically challenged or those living in areas far from cannabis dispensaries can get access to products without leaving their sweet homes.

Cannabis limits

Delivery vehicles are allowed to carry a maximum of $5, 000 worth of cannabis products at one time. And to reduce the risks of theft, it’s important not to make any marks or indications showing the vehicle is carrying marijuana.


California’s new regulations make it mandatory for the dispensaries to use child-resistant packaging for marijuana products. Additionally, cannabis retailers will now check customer IDs of the buyers rather than recording the names or other information.

New regulations for California cannabis delivery services

Sales receipt

Cannabis retailers are required to prepare a sales invoice for every sale or transfer of cannabis non-manufactured product. The receipts may be available electronically to make them access easily by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, local law enforcement authorities or other state authorities.

The sales receipt must include the following information-

  • Name, address, or other licensing authority issued number of the dispensary
  • Name, address, or other licensing authority issued number of the buyer
  • Data of sale or transfer of the cannabis products
  • Sale receipt or invoice number
  • Quantity of cannabis products delivered
  • Total cost of the products including any discount applied
  • Complete details of each cannabis product—piant, flower, leaf, shake, kief, pre-rolls, etc.
  • Signature of the seller or designated representative of the seller
  • Signature of the buyer or designated representative of the buyer

GPS tracking

All vehicles used for cannabis home delivery should use GPS (Global Positioning System) devices to help identify their geographic locations of the delivery employees.

A dedicated GPS device shall be affixed to the delivery vehicle (either temporary or permanent), and it should remain active all the time during the delivery process. This enables the cannabis retailers to monitor the locations traveled by the delivery employees, and this information should be provided to the Bureau upon request. The history of the routes traveled by delivery employees should be maintained for at least three months.

According to Lori Ajax, chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the cannabis licensing authorities have created these approved regulations with over two years of hard work.

To cover it up—cannabis home delivery is a great move by the state authorities. Although both medical and recreational marijuana products are covered in the delivery services, medical users have more advantages over recreational ones. Consult a medical cannabis doctor in Orange County to get your MMJ recommendations today!


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