Grow Room Setup for Beginners

Do you dream of a personal garden, but lack a backyard to make it come true? To replicate the environment of an outdoor garden in your apartment, you will need to set up a best grow tent. Setting up a grow room is fairly easy if you have the right guidelines and material. Basically, you will need to combine the best LED grow lights, the best grow tent, and a few more tools for the best outcome.

Despite that, it’s ok to be a little apprehensive if you are a beginner. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a simple step-by-step guide to help you out of your ordeal. Just follow the steps, and you can get gardening and harvesting in no time.

  • Select a Suitable Area

To create your own grow room, you’ll need to select a specific space for it. The size is up to you – you can dedicate a whole room, or use a corner or cupboard for the job. There are some things you should keep in mind while selecting the area.

Firstly, the room you select should have a power socket. That’s because, a grow room will require ample light, to maintain the correct atmosphere. Also, you will need fans for ventilation and temperature control.

Secondly, having a source of filtered water nearby is a good idea. Watering your plants with unfiltered water is an option, but not if you’re trying to get a nice and robust harvest.

Thirdly, make sure your area is not carpeted. That’s because carpets tend to retain moisture, which is a great breeding place for pests and insects. Instead, a nice and sturdy wooden or marble flooring would be great to build your grow room upon.

  • Cover and Close to Keep the Light in

As we know, sunlight is the most important ingredient for photosynthesis. That’s why, after you’ve selected an area, you’ll need to put your light sources in order and build a closed covering to keep it all in.

To help your plants grow indoors, you’ll need to give them an alternative for sunlight. To do that, you’ll need to create a lighting set up. You can’t accomplish that by simply putting up some grow lights.

Apart from getting good-quality lights, you will have to put up a ballast, to regulate the amount of energy your lights will use. Grow lights tend to use a lot of energy so you will need to optimize how much of it is used to keep in track of your bills. Also, a reflector is required to direct the light towards your plants.

Your ideal choice for the best LED grow lights will depend on your budget. Check the light output and the space you have as well before purchasing them. Also, place your lights at least eight inches away from your plants to avoid any damage.

The best way to create a light-tight environment is by using reflective sheets. You can choose the normal mylar or orca material for this. It will work on its own as well, but for added protection, you can line it inside a more durable material to keep any extra light out and retain the light inside.

If you’re using a whole room as your grow room, you should cover all windows properly to avoid creating inconsistent lighting for your plants. If you’re putting up a tent-like room in a cupboard, you’ll have to cover the whole thing with a reflective sheet and secure the edges to keep light from escaping.

  • Create a Ventilation System

A grow room will need a proper ventilation system. Why? Because the lights will emit heat and increase the temperature from the ideal level. Also, we know that plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. This means that your closed room will become humid and full of carbon dioxide.  Use fans to replace the air constantly so your plants can respire effectively.

The ideal temperature for plants growth is between 18 to 26 degrees. Too many fans may cause your plants to dry out, while too less may cause moisture build up. Try to create a good balance between the two by adding the correct number of fans.

Similarly, both extractor and intake fans should be installed according to the size of your room set up. The moisture-rich air will need to be taken out while replacing it by bringing the fresh air in. Also, the best carbon filter for grow tents will help your grow room regulate the carbon dioxide level in the air inside.

Grow Room Setup for Beginners

  • Place Your Plants

Now that your room is ready with temperature, light and air regulations you can line up your plants! It’s a good idea to install collection racks if you’re going for soil based plants. This will help you clean up and harvest effectively while giving your plants a good airflow from the bottom as well. The cleaner your grow room is, the lesser the risk of contamination and infestation.

In addition, you can place pots inside your grow rooms as well. Make sure they are not bulky, because small plants are ideal to grow indoors. Also, place them almost two to three inches apart from each other, so that they don’t obstruct the growth of their neighbors.

Last Thought

Growing plants indoors is easy and convenient, but only if you know the proper way to do it. Otherwise, you might end up with a disaster at your hands. So make sure to follow the instructions closely before setting up your grow room. Once you know how to recreate the outdoor environment inside, you’re ready to go.

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Importance of Air Circulation When Growing With 420 Evaluations in Orange County

Importance of Air Circulation When Growing With 420 Evaluations in Orange County

Finally, you have a valid 420 evaluations in Orange County. Now, you must be looking for a dispensary to get access to medical marijuana strains.

What if we tell you, you can grow cannabis as per your medication condition requirements.

But, somehow you are stuck at what is essential for cannabis growth and what is not?

During the cannabis life cycle, many factors play a vital part in the best quality and growth rate. Usually, the primary focus is laid on factors like:

  • Light

  • Humidity

  • Nutrients

However, air circulation which has a significant impact on the final harvest is often overlooked. Like humans, plants also require oxygen to survive. The plants get this oxygen by the process called photosynthesis.

While plants are naturally producing oxygen, they also take in extra oxygen from the surroundings to help to promote the growth in specific areas which cannot produce oxygen such as roots by the process called respiration.

Let’s understand why adequate air circulation is essential for optimum cannabis growth

 Air Circulation

For cannabis to grow to its maximum potential, it’s important they have access to the constant supply of fresh, oxygen-rich air.

While growing outdoors, this is not the issue as air is continuously circulating naturally. However, when growing indoors, air circulation can get hampered especially when multiple plants are grown in limited spaces.

To understand more, we have enlisted the top 4 benefits of adequate air supply during cannabis growing after you have applied for 420 evaluations in Orange County.

Air circulation helps to distribute water vapors and heat evenly throughout the space, thus helps to modulate humidity of the space by removing the hot and humid spots. It ensures that plants stay cool and get a fresh supply of air continuously.

  • It reduces the chances of Mold and Mildews

Air circulation takes away the moisture formed during transpiration. This removal of excess moisture levels at regular intervals reduces the chances of formation of molds and white powdery mildew.

While applying for 420 evaluations in Orange County, they will make you understand every detail of cannabis growing plus the grow limit.

  • It protects from the Pest Infestation

Many pests like spider mites and fungus gnats love stagnant air. Hence, air circulation can protect the plant from their infestations.

  • Strengthen Cannabis stems

Air circulation helps to strengthen the stem by improving the quality of the growth conditions. Therefore, stems can bear heavy buds during the flowering stage.

To ensure the oxygen-rich air in the place where cannabis is growing, one should invest in a decent ventilation system that circulates the air effectively.

Types of equipment for proper air circulation

Various portal providing grower license in California will help you understand all the requirements for proper air circulation in the cannabis growing area.

  • Fans

Most of the cannabis cultivators use fans to blow the air around the growing area. However, there many things that need to be followed while using them as placing the fan directly over the grow area can damage the plants with the major issue of excessive noise.

Types of fans used are:

#Floor fan- It is usually used where the grow rooms are huge, and it is essential to circulate the air near the floor.

#Oscillating stand fan- It ensures uniform air circulation around the room coupled with cooling of the vegetative structures of these plants as well.

#Ceiling suspended fan-These are usually suspended from the ceiling between the lamp and top of the plant. It helps to cool the hot air layer that builds up in this area, thus protects the plant from stress and excessive transpiration.  

#Clip fan- It is usually used for cannabis plants in grow tents.

  • Exhaust System

This is the primary foundation of the whole ventilation system which pulls the hot air out so that fresh cool air can be pumped in. This system creates the required climatic conditions for proper cannabis growth, thus directly affecting the success rates of cannabis growth potential.

Still thinking whether or not growing your cannabis is a good idea?

It will help you save a lot of time and energy plus a lot of taxes.

Apply for 420 evaluations in Orange County and get started.

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana

You ask anyone who has successfully grown their own weed if they will ever buy weed, you will probably get a negative response. Growing your own marijuana is not just smart, but it is also an experience in its own right. Even if it is legal to buy where you live, you might be better off growing your own than buying as it can be costly.

Grow your own cannabis - complete hydroponic grow kit

I, for one, had a hard time convincing myself to grow my own weed. It requires care and time, but once I did it, there was no turning back. Here is why I grow my own marijuana and you should too:

1. It’s legal so why not?

If you are living in one of those states where there are some provisions for growing weed, you should consider yourself lucky. Not many marijuana enthusiasts have that luxury. They have to buy it many times illegally, risking their freedom. You have the freedom to grow your own at your home so why not use the opportunity?

Generally, most states in the US that have legalized marijuana allow cultivation of four to six plants. That is more than enough for you and to make some bucks as well. All of this is regulated so you never really have a problem with the cops or some nosy neighbors.

2. You become your own weed master

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of growing marijuana in your own space. You are in total control. You control every little thing in the cultivation of the plants, especially with the hydroponics system. That said you will develop your own method over time and discover what works best for you to grow the kind of strain you like.

It is so rewarding to see those beautiful buds come to life after you have taken care of the plants and given them everything you got. Besides the control, you also get the opportunity to grow weed safely. Certain pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals may be used for growing commercial weed which of course is not good for your health. Homegrown marijuana is completely organic and safe.

3. Growing has never been this easy

With a little investment, you are set for life to grow your own weed. With the best grow tent and best led grow lights, you can have the plants grow faster. The hydroponic system has made gardening indoors so easy anybody can take up this hobby. Just invest in the best hydroponic grow kit within your budget and start growing.

Yes, you do have to spend some money at first, but the return you get in the long-term makes it all worth it. I myself saved up over time to get the best equipment over time. I knew once I have everything I need to grow my own weed I am good for life!

4. You save money

Don’t get discouraged when someone tells you that you save money but in the long run. This is true that you do save money but in the long run. First, you will save up and recover the money you spend on the lights, tents, seeds, etc. Then eventually you will start saving a little more money. In my experience, any saving is good no matter how little it is.

What discourages people most from growing weed indoors is the associated costs. The reality is you can start with any budget. You can start with only one plant if you do not have much money. Even though as more states legalize marijuana and it gets cheaper, it would still be more economical to grow your own.

5. You will love it

Marijuana growers are like a community, and growing marijuana is the best hobby. I started off with the intent to save money and grow something that I like, but the whole process got me so invested it immediately became an important part of my life.

This varies from person to person as some might find it burdensome to take care of the plants but generally people who grow their own end up loving the whole idea. Perhaps you will turn out like one of us!

Final Words

There is equipment, there is learning material, and there are laws allowing you to grow your own weed. What is stopping you then? Start basic with soil based grow area and see where it goes. Once you start doing it, you will figure things on your own. No one said it is going to be easy and if you are not good with responsibility, perhaps it is not for you. Like I said, you have to take care of your babies. But at the end of the day, it will be all worth it.

Essential Requirements to Apply for Medical Marijuana Card

The voters of California on November 05, 1996 approved Proposition 215 that legalized the use of medical marijuana in the State. It gives the right to consume and grow marijuana legally in California. You may possess up to eight ounces of dried flowers or can grow six mature (twelve immature) plants with a doctor’s recommendation.

Medical marijuana card is like a golden ticket for those who are not able to get relief from traditional treatments. But, new patients consider the process of applying for MMJ card a bit confusing and nearly impossible. This is because of the different methods of prescription or recommendation compared to other pharmaceutical drugs.

A right step and correct knowledge about the State laws help you in getting a card quickly and easily. For the card, it is necessary to follow few steps and meet the essential requirements of the process.

Proof of residence

The consumption of marijuana is not legal at the Federal level. Its use is permitted only by 29 states of the US at present. However, more States have applied for its legalization and will add to the current legislation list shortly.

For the MMJ card in California, a valid residential proof is therefore, the primary requirement. It can be an identity card issued by the State or Federal Government. You can also use your driving license as a valid proof of your residence.

Qualifying Condition for MMJ card

Are you living in California and thinking about applying for a medical marijuana card? Then make sure that you meet the medical condition necessary to get a doctor’s recommendation.

Almost every State that has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana recommends the card for debilitating conditions like cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS etc. Other medical conditions in California’s qualifying list are post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, and depression. Alzheimer’s, nausea, hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease and many more are also on the list.

However, doctors sometimes decide the eligibility of a patient by observing the symptoms rather than the qualifying conditions. For instance, if any of the situations that are not mentioned in the list is found to be the cause of a chronic pain, then the patient will be considered eligible for the card.

Doctor’s Recommendation

Getting a doctor’s recommendation is the last and the essential step for getting a medical marijuana card. For a 420 evaluation, there are specifically certified cannabis doctors in the State – All you need to do is to find the right doctor for yourself.

To meet the licensed doctors, there are medical marijuana clinics in the State that you can visit. Many of these clinics avail an online service to provide a doctor’s recommendation. So, you can apply for medical marijuana card either by visiting the clinic or going online. Either way, a doctor will evaluate your health, and will work specifically to provide a recommendation for medical cannabis use. If on evaluation the doctor found your condition eligible for MMJ use, he would provide you with the medical card.

Fulfill the above three basic requirements for MMJ card and improve your health with medical marijuana use.