How Can Cannabis help in Fighting Cold and Flu

Cannabis is a safe alternative to medications. Many medical studies proving this statement are available. As a result, more patients are getting  medical marijuana evaluations Orange County, CA, and choosing the herb over expensive medications.

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People use medical marijuana for various reasons. Some use it for relieving anxiety and depression while others use it for improving focus and concentration at work. Still, others use the herb when suffering from cold and flu symptoms. In this post, we’re going to shed light on how can marijuana help in fighting the common cold and flu.

Medical marijuana for cold and flu

Medical Marijuana

The common cold is a viral infection, which is usually caused by rhinovirus, influenza, coronavirus, and adenovirus. The viruses make their way to the lungs through the nose, throat, and mouth. The immune system of the body fights with the viruses thus causing inflammation and producing more mucus. This causes symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, etc.

Researchers have found that cannabis has ultimate anti-inflammatory properties, thus can help in alleviating cold and flu symptoms. Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, etc. are helpful for fighting inflammation.

According to a review of research on cannabis consumption and cannabinoids for pain relief, cannabinoids can help in treating several forms of pain including nerve pain.

A 2016  research paper concluded that marijuana for pain relief reduced opioid use by 64%, thus improving the quality of life.

Additionally, cannabis helps in promoting sleep as cold and flu can affect the patient’s sleep cycle. Also, getting plenty of sleep and adopting other healthy habits are helpful for the patients to feel better.

A 2017 review concluded that cannabis’ active compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help in reducing sleep problems.

However, there’s a wide range of studies that show that medical marijuana can help in boosting the immune system when required. For example, cannabis consumption can help in strengthening the immune system in HIV/AIDS patients.

How to use cannabis for treating cold and flu

Firstly, you need to get legal access to use cannabis for medical purposes. Talk to 420 doctors and apply for your medical marijuana evaluations Orange County, CA. Then, you can visit any state-licensed dispensaries and buy medical cannabis products. By smoking cannabis, you can get rid of nasal congestion, sore throat, and irritated eyes. Even vaping and dabbing also provide ultimate benefits.

If you experience irritation to the throat and lungs, you can use edibles and topicals. You can buy candies infused with THC or CBD, which can help in soothing throat inflammation.

Cannabis tea is another alternative to receive the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Teas have traditionally been used for receiving comforting and soothing relief, but when they’re mixed with cannabis extracts, they help in fighting inflammation and pain.

When making cannabis tea, make sure you use some oil or fat, which will help in dissolving cannabinoids properly. However, there’re various plant compounds, which when infused into the tea can provide health benefits. For example, catechin flavonoids found in green tea is helpful in fighting cold and flu.

To wrap it up—cannabis helps in relieving pain, anxiety and many other conditions. Smoking the herb when you have a cold or flu also provides soothing and comforting relief by managing various symptoms such as lack of sleep, pain, inflammation, etc.

There’s a wide range of marijuana strains with different levels of CBD and THC available, and you should buy the right ones to receive maximum health benefits. Talk to your doctor and make informed health decisions and monitor the benefits and complications of cannabis consumption.

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Top Republican in the US House Advocates the Benefits of this Medical Marijuana Ingredient

More than 60% of Americans are now supporting legalization of cannabis, then how can the US top politicians prevent themselves from voicing their thoughts.

With such increasing popularity, even the US panel approved a bill recently which will issue respective licenses to grow marijuana for research.

Meanwhile, Americans above the age of 55 and youth aged 18 to 34 are among the strongest supporters of cannabis and are hoping that it will be legalized on a national level.

What does Paul Ryan have to say?

What does Paul Ryan have to say


Paul Ryan who is retiring from Congress early next year shared recently that his wife’s mother who was suffering from melanoma as well as ovarian cancer. He shared that she took a synthetic form of cannabinoids.

Now, he is recommending the use of CBD presumably the industrial hemp for medical purposes. It is a welcome response from such a higher official especially when the leaders of the house are negotiating the terms between the House and Senate version of the Farm Bill.

What does President Trump have to say?

President Trump is openly stating the fact he will support for ending the federal ban on cannabis. This is considered to be a major step for the medical marijuana industry.

Even during his campaign, he indicated that he is completely in support of medical marijuana and will propose various amendments that will allow cannabis legalization all over the States.

More than 10 states have legalized adult use of marijuana while there are many states which have permitted marijuana for medical use.

With Trump supporting medical marijuana, it is presumed that it will have a nationwide impact for medical marijuana legalization. Not only this, the chances are that it could also help in approval of Farm Bill 2018 which will legalize hemp products.

Even during his campaign, he indicated that he is completely in support of medical marijuana and will propose various amendments that will allow cannabis legalization all over the States.

More than 10 states have legalized adult use of marijuana while there are many states which have permitted marijuana for medical use.

With Trump supporting medical marijuana, it is presumed that it will have a nationwide impact for medical marijuana legalization. Not only this, the chances are that it could also help in approval of Farm Bill 2018 which will legalize hemp products.

Opportunity for Change- The Farm Bill 2018

Industrial Hemp legalization is long due after the expiration of Farm Bill 2014 in September. The new bill is likely to modify the agricultural and nutritional policies by legalizing hemp thereby making it eligible for federal crop insurance program.

If this bill gets passed, then Hemp is likely to get removed from the federal list of illegal drugs. This will introduce hemp in products ranging from edibles, cosmetics to clothing sector.

While many changes are being established in the field of medical marijuana and Hemp both my states as well as the House, there is a possibility that significant developments would be seen soon.

What are your thoughts about the same?

Are you in favor or against this incredible plant?

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Tired of living through PMS problems? Here’s how an Online 420 Evaluation Can help.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome affects millions of women during their reproductive years. Everything from simple headaches to severe cramps, it can become challenging even to perform simple tasks at times.

Is it getting tough?

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Medical Cannabis- A Solution to all of your PMS problems

Medical Cannabis is under the limelight for multiple reasons. Be its incredible therapeutic potential or fantastic innovations for creating a series of products. While it helps in managing various disorders ranging from psychiatric, gastrointestinal to metabolic disorders, the list keeps growing every passing day.

Recently, A psychopharmacology specialist, Dr. Julie Holland, supports the fact that medical cannabis may help to treat various issues associated with hormonal as well as emotional disorders.

She advocated that medical marijuana could be the ultimate solution to manage your monthly PMS symptoms like cramps, sleep disorders, anxiety, and other related issues as well.

How Medical Cannabis helps to manage PMS Symptoms?

Many symptoms are associated with PMS whose severity and number usually vary in different women. Some of its common symptoms include:

Medical Cannabis helps to manage PMS Symptoms

Let’s understand one by one how obtaining 420 evaluations online to access medical cannabis will help to relieve the majority of these symptoms.

  • Medical marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

Studies have confirmed that medical cannabis is beneficial for significantly relieving pain. It works by acting as a muscle relaxant which helps in calming of the tense muscles that are responsible for cramps during a period.

Whoopi Goldberg- Whoopi and Maya, also advocates cannabis use for relieving menstrual cramps. That became a source of inspiration for innovating OM Edibles – a range which aims at alleviating menstrual pain for women.

  • Medical Cannabis for Backaches

It is pretty common to have backaches during a period. Luckily, medical cannabis helps in relieving them too. A study published in the Journal of Pharmacotherapy confirmed that medical marijuana could effectively reduce backpain associated with monthly periods.

Many doctors while providing 42O evaluation online recommend microdosing cannabis to get the best results without bothering about any side-effects.

  • Medical Marijuana as a Mood Stabilizer

Many women undergo sudden mood transitions during their menstruation days. This is particularly because of the hormonal imbalances especially estrogen.

The active ingredient of medical cannabis binds to the receptors in our brain which helps in blocking of the absorption of serotonin in the brain temporarily. Eventually boosting serotonin levels which in turn helps in improving mood.

  • Medical Cannabis reduces Acne/Skin Disorders

More than 60% experience skin issues associated with PMS. As progesterone levels increase during a period, this activates the oil glands which could lead to acne formation.

Medical cannabis has both anti-inflammatory as well as anti-proliferative properties which can be used as an ideal treatment therapy for curing acne or any related skin problems associated with PMS.

  • Medical Cannabis reduces Breast Tenderness

Due to the rise in hormonal levels, milk ducts in the breasts could expand which could further result in breast soreness or pain.

Medical Cannabis can be an excellent alternative for reducing swollen breasts along with reducing any pain associated with breast tenderness.

  • Medical Cannabis promotes Good Quality Sleep

More than 60% of women are thought to stress out because of extreme pain or irritation issues during the first 2-3 days of their period. This leads to extreme sleep deprivation most of the times.

Medical cannabis helps a lot in reducing these issues which can hamper sleep at any time. Hence, aiding in providing quality sleep for better functioning during those days.

It’s very fascinating that any medical trouble/ query has medical marijuana as its solution. The only thing that must be understood is how much is precisely beneficial for curing or managing your medical condition.

Always consult an mmj specialist or ask every possible question while applying for 420 evaluations online to relieve any of the mentioned PMS symptoms as quickly as possible.

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