Medical Marijuana Card Orange County Seeker’s Support Book

Like we needed any more reasons to do it, than obtaining a medical marijuana card Orange County, but here are a few more for you guys. 

It is a fact now; medical marijuana is a proven medicine for many deadly diseases, including seizure and depression.

Some people are still opposing it thanks to their habit of being cynical about things, but doctors and ever FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) have now accepted CBD oil as a medicine.

But along with one love, what are the other reasons why one must support the legalization of medical marijuana.

Better Than Alcohol & Tobacco or Cigarettes 

Better Than Alcohol & Tobacco or Cigarettes 

There was a time when people use to think that cigarettes are healthy. But, back then in the early 20th century, the villain of the century, Adolf Hitler was the first one to ban cigarettes.

In the intervening time, alcohol and tobacco industries are known for spending fortunes at lobbying and advertisement. 

As per some critics both, just discussed industries, use the money to manipulate and lure people to keeping their things legal. 

According to government data some 88,000 people die each year because of alcohol. 

For the time being, US government data claims that each year, seven million people die each year worldwide because of using tobacco.


It is a medicine that is the reason behind the term medical marijuana. Today scientists, doctors and researchers are doing new studies to find what else it can cure.

Till date as per media discoveries medical marijuana on record can cure, Alzheimer’s diseases, cancer, epilepsy, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, nausea, chronic pain, ADHD, depression, glaucoma, hepatitis C and some others too.

CBD is also known for relieving and relaxing in spasm. Search for medical marijuana card Orange County you will get more on the topic. 

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You Cannot Stuff a Community In Jail

Yes, legend gangsta rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur once during an interview cleared that jails are a business, the government needs them to run many houses.

People work there. Hence, jails are generating jobs, but we cannot stuff them up with stoners and hash sellers.

As Drug Policy Alliance’s survey, the USA’s war on drugs costs America more than $51 Billion each year.

Government is spending so much money, but if they regulate cannabis, they will be making money, not the other way around. 

The Happy Green States

It is official states which have legalized recreational marijuana in their boundaries, have recorded better revenue. 

Colorado, as per the reports generated $750 million out of the hash related business and that too just from the first half of 2017.

These revenues came from selling dispensaries, allotting marijuana grower’s license etc.

Ending Note

So, these are four topmost reasons why you should totally support the legalization of marijuana. 

People who are opposing the usage of cannabis will change soon as they will start to see the benefits of it. 

Also, medical marijuana summons a high which makes it safer than most of the medicines there are, so chill, support the leaf.

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Alleviate Anxiety Symptoms Without Prescription Medications

Tips To Grow Cannabis Quickly With A Medical Marijuana Growers License

Alleviate Anxiety Symptoms Without Prescription Medications

Living with anxiety is painful! Trouble concentrating, excessive worrying, unable to open up in front of new group, trouble sleeping, etc. can affect a  patient’s life in various ways. Although there’s a wide range of medications for treating anxiety available, they’re associated with unpleasant side-effects. Medical researchers have found that cannabis can be used as a natural treatment for anxiety. As a result, more and more people are applying for medical marijuana recommendation Orange County and other regions where medical cannabis is legal.

In this post, we will discuss how can the herb help in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and what are the best cannabis strains for this condition.

Medical Cannabis for Anxiety – How Does It Work?

Anxiety is a common condition in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect about 18.1% of the US population every year.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is an effective treatment for anxiety. The therapy works by correcting thinking patterns and changing the thoughts of patients about themselves and others.

Medical researchers have found that cannabis has medicinal properties, which can help in managing symptoms of anxiety. As the herb is illegal as per federal regulations, people interested in using it for medical purposes can apply for 420 med evaluations online.

To understand the cannabis’ effectiveness in treating this condition, it’s important to learn about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a biological system exists in the human body. Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough endocannabinoids, which is usually due to the production of too many enzymes (FAAH, MAGL).

The ECS deficiency can lead to several psychological conditions, of which anxiety is one. And, cannabis can help in correcting it. The endocannabinoids in the body resemble the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. The phytocannabinoids interact with the receptors found in the ECS, thus regulating various functions such as memory, sleep, appetite, etc.

According to a study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, smoking cannabis can help in reducing anxiety, depression, stress, etc. in the short term.

Cannabis contains over 100 cannabinoids (THC and CBD being the most researched ones), which provide medicinal benefits. THC is responsible for causing high feelings while CBD doesn’t cause any high feelings.

Those who don’t want to use cannabis for relieving anxiety without getting high can use CBD oil. It’s a cannabis extract that doesn’t contain THC. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid increases 5-HT1A transmission, thus affecting serotonin faster than SSRIs. Probably, for this reason, CBD products are considered for overcoming limitations of anti-anxiety medication therapies.

Although CBD can help in treating anxiety and addiction, more research needs to be done in this area.

When it comes to using cannabis for relieving anxiety, choosing the right strain is necessary. Thus, when getting MMJ recommendations, you should seek professional help regarding dosage and strain.

Here’re some of the top strains for anxiety patients-

  • White Widow
  • Pennywise
  • Stephen Hawking Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Harlequin
  • Skywalker OG
  • Master Kush
  • ACDC
  • Sour OG

Covering it up—anxiety can affect a patient’s life in many ways. There’s a wide range of anti-anxiety medications available in the market, but they are associated with various unpleasant side-effects. Medical researchers have found that cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for anxiety symptoms. The herb contains amazing cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD), which work by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body.

As everyone’s condition is different, choosing the right dosage and strain is important. See a doctor to analyze your condition and get professional help for cannabis strains.

To get legal access to cannabis, apply for your medical marijuana recommendations in Orange County today!

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Tips To Grow Cannabis Quickly With A Medical Marijuana Growers License

Use your medical marijuana growers license in Orange County to grow bigger buds!


Tips To Grow Cannabis Quickly With A Medical Marijuana Growers License

Entrepreneurs are swiftly entering the roots of cannabis culture. Cannabis growing is exciting as well as profitable for many. But, for patients, having medical marijuana growers license is about growing high-quality medication.

After all, they have to balance the diminished endocannabinoids to manage their condition in the best possible way.

So, they always look for DIYs or tricks to grow their medication as quickly as possible.

So, here we bring you with some of the tricks that can help you grow cannabis as fast as you can.

Tips To Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors Quickly

There are some tweaks here and there while growing cannabis that can help reach the harvesting stage sooner than otherwise.

  • Get Cannabis Seeds That Mature Quickly

Choosing the right seeds that mature quickly will help to reach the stage of harvesting sooner. Northern Light Auto is one of the best choices.

You can ask also the seed providers for seeds that mature quickly. This will help to shorten the growing period.

Read moreUse your medical marijuana growers license in Orange County to grow bigger buds!

  • Nutrition Is The Key

It’s simple, in order to grow healthy and faster, you need proper nutrition. Cannabis is no different. Cannabis usually needs more nitrogen in their vegetative phase, while the flowering phase needs to be replenished with potassium and phosphorus.

Start the process with obtaining medical marijuana growers license from a licensed cannabis portal.

  • Use Autoflowering Cannabis

These cannabis strains mature earlier than other types of strains because of the presence of genetic makeup of Ruderalis. These strains have adjusted themselves to grow and survive.  

Most strains enter the flowering stage within two weeks after germination stage. Harvesting time is usually 7 weeks. And the produce is almost similar to the other cannabis forms.

  • Quickly Shift Photo-sensitive Strains to Flowering Stage

If you started with other strain types, then also you can reach the flowering stage quickly, like auto-flowering flowers.

All you need is to keep such strains into 12 hours of complete dark from the time they start germinating. It does work, but the final produce is usually less than normal.


  • Grow your plants with Lights On 24/7

Most people don’t infer with this trick. However, unlike any other plant, cannabis does not require a dark period for producing healthy buds.

You can keep growing your cannabis strains with lights on all the time. However, look for any deficiencies or plant’s health.

In case of sickness, you can either lower down wattage or light hours for your cannabis.

  • Switch to Hydroponics

Unlike cannabis grown into the soil, cannabis strains grow faster in soilless mediums. This method helps to deliver nutrients directly to the plant’s roots.

This method will help to grow heavier, dense buds. This will help to get better medication for patients with a medical marijuana card Orange County.

  • Give 12 Hours Light Period During Flowering Stage

Want to kickstart the blooming process?

Then place the plants into darkness for more than 40 hours. Then start with a 12/12 light period.

This will trick your plant to enter the flowering stage right away.

Hope these tips and tricks will help to grow cannabis strains for your medication quickly. However, you must have a  medical marijuana growers license to extend your growing limits.

How To Slow Down The Progression Of AMD With A Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Orange County?

Medical marijuana recommendation in Orange County completely changed my life.

420 evaluations as a life-saver.

This is what hundreds of patients using cannabis therapy have to say about this magic plant.

But, are these results same for AMD patients too?

Before that, let’s take a moment to understand the concept before jumping onto conclusions.

I am sure, you would want to know “behind the scenes” story and in this case behind the eye story.

How is Medical Cannabis Helpful in Reducing The Progression of AMD?

Studies confirm that ECS receptors are also present around the ocular region. So, it’s highly possible that using medical marijuana will help to reduce the chances of any further degeneration.

Here’s how medical cannabis can be helpful.

  • Cannabis as an Anti-inflammatory

Medical cannabis is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps to slow the progression of condition around the area of the retina.

CBD, in particular, is helpful in reducing inflammatory factors such as cytokines and other proteins. Thereby, reducing the levels of AMD.

Here are some of the strains that you can try to reduce the levels of inflammation along with relaxation and analgesic effects.

  • Purple Urkle
  • God Bud
  • Cannatonic

Cannabis Lowers Intraocular Pressure

Medical cannabis helps in reducing pressure in the eye that might be resulting in other medical conditions along with AMD.

Strains are helpful in reducing such pressure situations such as Super Skunk, OG Poison.

Reduces the Presence of VEGF factors

Mostly all the medications associated with AMD targets VEGF factors. Cannabinoids are also helpful in blocking certain VEGF pathways that result in the development of AMD.

The strains that can be helpful in reducing such occurrences include Cannatonic, Canna-Tsu.

Other than that, medical cannabis is Orange County will be helpful in reducing the psychological symptoms associated with the disorder as well.

But, why patients need to look for medical marijuana recommendation in Orange County?

About The Condition

Age-related macular degeneration or AMD leads the factors that result in vision loss.

It’s like patients who once could cherish the colors now have difficulty to differentiate between even the basic colors.

Last few years have seen a tremendous rise in the condition with pharmaceutical sales bouncing to approximately 4 billion. And it might rise to around 10 billion in the next few years.

global sales forecast by country AMD in 2016 and 2026

One of a few reasons that you must shift to medical cannabis in Orange County or look for medical marijuana recommendation in Orange County.

In this condition, deterioration of the central part of the retina results in macular degeneration. That is responsible for recording and sending the images that you see to the brain via the optic nerve.

Although, the reason behind the start of this condition is still unknown. But, researchers believe that certain deposits due to various factors such as heredity or environment result in the progression of the disorder.

While medical cannabis role in delaying the progression of this disease might confuse you.

Let’s take it the other way round with a real-life story of a business owner who had been suffering from this condition.

And how her life took a complete 360-degree turn with CBD that is one of the primary cannabinoids of medical cannabis.

Fabi’s Story

During the initial days of the diagnosis, Fabi received injections of Lucentis, Avastin or Eylea that form a part of standard care for AMD.

However, these injections were not improving his condition. On the contrary, it was making her feel otherwise. So, he discontinued the medication entirely.

She started using CBD oil sublingually as recommended by one of her associates. And, when she went to her doctor to get a regular checkup. Her doctor was stunned to look at the results.

Her eye which had immediate MD had no lesions, bumps or leaking blood vessels. Her condition went back into the early stage of the condition.

Now, she is able to get things done on her own. At least the most basic stuff.

Healing power of cannabis indeed!

So, you can also try some exemplary benefits of medical marijuana in Orange County.

But, of course now without medical marijuana recommendations in Orange County.

I am sure this will be exciting to see such an amazing response. But, can it happen to you also?

Well, that’s something you should experience personally.

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How To Control Your Munchies When High

Get A Good Night Sleep With 420 Evaluations By Medical Marijuana Doctors in Orange County

Are you unable to sleep peacefully at night? Medical marijuana doctors in Orange County recommend switching to cannabis in such times.


Life nowadays seems like a bullet train which cannot be matched by anyone until and unless you are “Superman”.

With so many things going simultaneously, people are unable to rest their minds at ease.

Resulting in a number of psychological disorders. Where sleep disorders are definitely topping the chart.

One of the primary reasons why the demand for 420 evaluations by medical marijuana doctors in Orange County is increasing every passing day.

While you might think going for either of the cannabinoids is the best possible solution. You will be surprised to know that every component of cannabis is helpful in inducing sleep significantly.

For now, let’s start with a brief summary of using cannabis for improving sleep cycles.

Medical Cannabis and Sleep


Medical cannabis and sleep

You might be thinking, using medical cannabis for sleep is totally a new concept. However, the use of cannabis for improving sleep patterns has been used for ages.

And the reason for such popularity is because of its effective relaxing and sedative properties.

In short, consuming cannabis will promote sleep within 30 minutes. This is not a mere saying. But, a study has proved this fact. Here people consuming cannabis were able to shorten their time for falling asleep.

Also, cannabis use is linked to an increase in the time of quality sleep as well.

Read moreUse Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation In Orange County To Find The Best Strain For Yourself!

Even medical marijuana doctors in Orange County advocate going for the whole plant.

So, here we are breaking it down for you regarding the compounds of medical cannabis that are helpful in promoting a good night sleep significantly. Cannabinoids

There are more than 100 cannabinoids present in the medical cannabis plant. And almost all of them have proven their value in terms of promoting quality sleep.

  • CBD

It is a compound that is famous for its antipsychotic effects. In addition to that, it has been proved that CBD works for reducing cases of anxiety.

One of the reasons that you are unable to sleep. Along with that. CBD is also helpful in promoting focus and attention that is essential for daytime working schedules.

  • THC

Although, known for all the wrong reasons. THC is an important factor of medical cannabis that helps in inducing sound sleep.

THC helps in reducing the time spent in REM sleep and simultaneously improves slow-wave sleep in patients.

Along with that, people with PTSD, issues are also able to sleep well as THC is helpful in reducing time spent on dreaming.

Medical marijuana doctors in Orange County confirm the same.

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  • Other Cannabinoids

CBN is also known to have potent sedative benefits. It is also helpful in promoting anti-inflammatory as well as other therapeutic benefits which are again helpful in promoting sleep.

So, if you wish to have quality sleep, then going for online mmj license renewal is definitely essential.


Although, cannabinoids get all the attention. But, these aroma and flavor promoting compounds have a lot of medicinal benefits as well.

These include regulating mood, pain, and other health issues. And most of them are linked to disruptive sleep.

Studies have shown that myrcene is helpful in inducing sleep with its powerful sedative properties. Other than that, caryophyllene is also known to do the same with its anxiolytic and relaxation promoting properties.

Limonene and terpineol are among the ones that are helpful in reducing the chances of developing sleep disorders as well.

Moving on.

Understanding cannabis and its amount are essential when it comes to the management of sleep disorders.

So, consulting medical marijuana doctors in Orange County will be helpful for understanding the recommended dosages.

Don’t let your medical condition intimidate you anymore.

Choose cannabis and enjoy a good night sleep thereafter.


Medical marijuana doctors in Orange County recommend using cannabis to get past the issues of sleep disturbances. While you might ask the type of cannabinoid that might be useful for enhancing sleep quality. You can go for medical cannabis whole plant as well. Because of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids that work synergistically to produce the desired effects.

Which One is More Dangerous – Cannabis or Alcohol?

“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”, Bob Marley.

There has been an ongoing discussion related to this topic. Alcohol is widely used for relieving stress, but it has various side-effects. Some of the common alcohol-related diseases and disorders are—high blood pressure, epilepsy, depressive disorders, cancer, stroke, and erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, medical marijuana has a lot of health benefits. But, it is listed among the Schedule 1 Drugs by the DEA and illegal as per the federal regulations. However, in 33 US states, its medical use is legal. An individual interested in using marijuana to deal with his/her condition needs to consult a medical marijuana doctor in Orange County and receive an MMJ recommendation letter.

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Coming back to the main question—which is safer or which is dangerous? Read on to get the answer.

Which One is More Dangerous?

Here’re some important points about alcohol and cannabis, and these will help you decide on your own.

Weight gain- Medical experts believe that excess weight can lead to many diseases. Alcohol is a calorie bomb, and it increases fat quickly.

Marijuana doesn’t cause weight gain but may have an opposite effect. A 2014 study performed on more than 750 people found that those who had a history of cannabis consumption had a lower BMI than those who abstained from marijuana.


According to the CDC, each year 88,000 alcohol-related deaths occur, and excessive drinking is the reason in more than half of these deaths.

On the other hand, the number of deaths due to marijuana overdose is nearly zero. According to a study conducted in California on 65,177 men and women of age 15-49 years, after 10 years, marijuana users died no sooner than those who didn’t consume it.

Also, a study found that a fatal dose of THC would be from 15 to 70 grams. Considering one joint contains half a gram of marijuana, it accounts for 238 to 1113 joints a day to overdose on cannabis.


Driving drunk vs driving under the influence of marijuana consumption—which is more dangerous?

According to the Drug Use and Fatal Motor Vehicles Crashes: A Case-Control Study, marijuana impairs driving performance such as lane tracking, divided attention, psychomotor skills, and cognitive functions, thus increasing the risks of a motor vehicle crash.

However, when mixed with alcohol, the risks of getting involved in a car accident are very high.

The takeaway here is—it’s not a good idea to drive under the influence of alcohol or marijuana or both of them.

Risks of injuries-

We all know that alcohol consumption leads to increased risks of serious injuries. According to a 2011 study published in Alcoholism, Clinical & Experimental Research, 36% hospitalized assaults and 21% of all injuries were related to alcohol use.

And, the American Journal of Emergency Medicine reported that lifetime use of cannabis is less likely to be associated with emergency room visits because cannabis, unlike alcohol, doesn’t seem to increase risk-taking behavior.

Additionally, alcohol is a major contributor to domestic accidents and violence while cannabis isn’t.

Brain function-

There’s no doubt that alcohol consumption can damage brain cells, thus affecting various bodily functions. But, marijuana has neuroprotective properties and can be helpful for alleviating symptoms of various mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, etc. thus promoting wellness. You can get legal access to medical cannabis in Orange County by consulting a 420 doctor.

Read More: Use Medical Marijuana In Orange County to Enhance Your Brain Function

Heavy drinking can impair your ability to build creative ideas and new memories. More than 50% of the people who drink alcohol reported they forget where they were and what they did at least one time in the past year.

According to a 2013 study, cannabis consumption can improve cognitive function and memory. Researchers exposed a group of rats to high levels of stress to induce disorders such as anxiety and depression. Then, they gave them to the doses of cannabis, which helped in reducing the cognitive problems, and also reversing the changes in the brain function.

Another study performed at Harvard University confirmed that after 90 days of cannabis treatment, adult participants were able to complete color and word tests quickly. Additionally, they had better cognitive brain functioning.

Now, you understand which one is more dangerous—alcohol or marijuana.

While there’re plenty of reasons why cannabis is safer than alcohol, it doesn’t mean that you should start smoking cannabis buds excessively from today. Excess of everything is bad. Talk to a medical marijuana doctor in Orange County to get professional help to use marijuana.

Cannabis has over 100 chemical compounds with medicinal properties to manage a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, depression, cancer, stress, PTSD, ADHD, etc.

To get legal access to medical marijuana in Orange County, apply for your MMJ card today!

If you have both alcohol and cannabis on the table—which one will you pick up first? What’re your thoughts about alcohol consumption vs smoking marijuana? Share your ideas in the comment section below:

Green Crack: The Strain You Need With a Medical Marijuana Card in Orange County

So, you are looking for a medical marijuana card in Orange County?

Then you are a wise man. Because you do need it to buy medical marijuana legally.

People don’t get how exotic strains are. I am glad that the people have started to accept it as a medical drug. The future of medical marijuana definitely looks good and is estimated to take over the pharmaceutical market over the next decade.

What condition do you have? Or are you just a medical marijuana enthusiast?

Well, any which way medical marijuana has been proven to be everyone’s favorite. All you need is a medical marijuana card in Orange County to treat your condition with medical marijuana.

Let’s roll back to medical marijuana strains. With so much variety to choose from, I know you will be confused. But the thing is I know a lot about them. Or so I think. No, I definitely do. That is why I am here to share my knowledge with you.

So lets up our sleeves and get to the strain of the day.

Drumroll anyone?

Did I use it in the title? Man! I just can’t catch a break.

Green Crack it is!

The strain is said to be dubbed by the cannabis god himself, you know who I am talking about right?

“Nothin but a G Thang.” Got it? Snoop Dogg! It is a 100% pure strain that can be grown both indoor and in the outdoor setting. It is all natural.

Let’s roll a bit deeper into the strain.  

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What is Green Crack?  

Pure Cannabis! Yes, full natural the strain is. There are only a few strains in the market that can match the sharpness and effects of this strain. Its origin is disputed. It was originally bred in Athens in the 70s. Descended from the ever so popular Skunk #1 with some Afghani indica in the background. It basically has two varieties i.e one sativa dominant and the other indica dominant.

Sativa dominant is the more popular one and it is the one we will focus on today. Don’t worry, you will find this strain more than the other one in almost all the dispensaries as it is the one that is in demand. It comprises of about 15-20% THC level which is slightly over the general amount of THC in other strains.

Don’t worry the strain will give you a good high and its impact will last for a longer time without making you dysfunctional. Instead, you can take it in the morning and expect to live the day without any concerns.

So, do you have a medical marijuana recommendation Orange County? Or if your recommendation is about to expire you can go for medical marijuana card renewal Orange County and get access to the strain.

Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

Green Crack has yellow, greenish buds. When grown in colder conditions it shows a hint of purple as well. The pistils of the plant are typically orange or red in color. Their buds glisten like a diamond. Well, they might to me. Because they are to me as valuable as a diamond maybe to you.

The strain has a characteristic fruity and citrusy aroma. You open the jar, and the air will be filled with the nuances of hearty and woodsy. As it smells, it tastes the same as well. It is sweet with some phenotypes showing more citrusy and fruity taste than others.

So, experience the amazing aroma and flavor of Green Crack with medical marijuana card in Orange County.

Grow Guide


Don’t bother! It is fairly easy to grow and is totally worth it. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If outdoors, it grows best in a Mediterranean climate with low humidity levels. When grown indoors, it is again important to keep the humidity levels low.

They grow to about 4 feet high and yields around 18-20 ounces. It has a 7-9 weeks flowering period. The strain thrives in both growing methods, with soil and hydroponics.

Effects & Medical Benefits

Take some puffs and it will take you to a mellow land with a great buzz. Don’t worry about a sudden drop or hangover. It won’t tie you to your couch but will just give you enough high to get your energies up and a sense of relaxation.

It can be used to treat various medical conditions like depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Its high sativa content will get your day going. It is highly effective in the treatment of various mental conditions. If you are suffering from one, give the strain a try. It could be your “The One.”

How MMJ doctors in Orange County help you legally Grow Cannabis in limited Space

Consult MMJ doctors in Orange County and get yourself a grower license. Don’t have a yard to grow your personal medical cannabis? Don’t worry you can grow the medical cannabis you need for your treatment in your cupboard. Learn some simple tips to grow medical cannabis in tiny spaces.

Medical cannabis is an industry that is deemed to be one of the biggest pharmaceutical product in the coming years. With 33 states now legalizing the herb, the acceptance rate has significantly increased. The people have started to realize the benefits it comes along with.

So, to incorporate them in your treatment would be a wise call. The green leaf works as a wizard. A swirl of the wand and Aloha Mora, your door to health just opened. P.S. It was a Harry Potter reference. Great series! I don’t know why people compare it with Game of Thrones. Both are different.

But anyways….We are definitely going offtopic and this might just get scissored. But I like the reference. I don’t want to edit it.

Coming back to the topic of the day, we are definitely stepping into the era of medical marijuana. Today, it is a staple medicine for pain and anti-inflammation. With such a variety of benefits, the herb is one of the most popular medicine in the country.

So, are you a grower? Well, that is perfect. You can save up a lot of money by growing your own medical cannabis. Consult MMJ doctors in Orange County and check if your condition qualifies for the license. Get yourself the license and turn your yard into your very own cannabis farm.

But what if you have a limited space to grow. Don’t worry! I have some tips for you.

Minimum Space:

medical marijuana card

The least amount of space that you need for your plant to grow is 2’x2’x4’. This tent could also go as big as a warehouse but that depends upon the amount of space you have. You can opt for small grow tents which can be as small as laundry bags.


  • Clean Space:

You need a clean space to grow your favorite plant. No, a dirty cupboard isn’t a good idea. The plant needs a clean environment and air to get the best results. This is one of the key things you have to make sure is there.

  • Space for Growth:

When we are talking about limited space, you need to understand that with less space, your yield will be low. More than length and breadth, try and get appropriate space for height. Don’t push in too many plants in a small space, it is important each plant gets its right space to grow. It is better to get less yield than lose your plants because of overcrowding.

  • Ventilation:

This is very important. Like every other plant, medical cannabis also needs fresh air. For a vibrant and healthy plant, continuous air flow is very important. Make sure your plant is getting it.


As you have a tiny space to grow your plants, you need to train the plants to get high yields. How to do that? Glad you asked.

There are some simple methods you could use like:

  • High-Stress Training: In this method, you increase the cola sites through super cropping or topping.
  • Low-Stress Training: Here, you tie down some parts of the plant to create offshoots which thereby leads to an increase in the number of cola sites.
  • The Screening of Green: This is the best way to increase your yield. Here one has to weave the branch and stock of the plant.


You have to be very careful when you are dealing with a cannabis plant in a small space. Don’t end up burning it. When you are using glow lights, they produce a lot of heat and when kept too close to the plant, it may burn up your whole hard work in an instant.

So, either you elevate your light source or keep your plant short. As your space is limited, you can keep your plant short with methods like pruning or topping. Also, you can grow with technology and go for LEDs. They are an excellent source of light and are very effective if you are planning to grow medical cannabis in a tiny space. They provide full-spectrum light without heating up a lot.

This eventually helps the plant to grow closer to the source of light without burning up or getting affected. Yes, they also can burn up your plant but they offer pretty lesser risk than other traditional sources.

Know Your Strains:

It is important to know your strains. Grow the strains that you need for your treatment considering the space you have. Some strains take up a lot of space and will not be able to provide a good yield in a tiny place. It is better to opt for an alternative which suits you as well as the growing conditions.

So, start growing your own personal cannabis no matter about the space. Make some small changes to your strategy and procedure and you can save up a lot of money from buying medical marijuana from dispensaries.

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Use Medical Marijuana In Orange County To Enhance Your Brain Function!