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Medical Marijuana Card Online in Orange County

420 Med Evaluations Orange County

Medical Marijuana Card Orange County CA is listed among the top online clinics to apply for your MMJ recommendations. We have a team of 420 evaluation doctors who’re committed to helping patients access medical marijuana legally. Whether you need a new card or want to apply for MMJ card renewal, we can help. We also offer MMJ growers license, helping patients to grow their own cannabis for personal use.

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420 med evaluations Orange County

Our Features



Our process is very quick. Spend only 30 seconds to apply online for Medical Marijuana Card. Wait a few minutes for the doctor’s video call. Get your medical cannabis card in 10 minutes in your email (PDF).



Your information will not be shared with any third party. Your information and evaluation will be kept safe and secure under HIPAA compliance. We won’t share your information with state or state authorities.



Acquire your recommendation and get your medical cannabis anywhere in the state. You do not need to worry about medical marijuana. Get it online or from the dispensary without legal issues.


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Recommendation Letter + Cannabis Card$79.99

  • Get Cannabis ID Card
  • A Cannabis ID Card (Best for the repeat visits to dispensaries)

New Patients$59.99

  • Just The Doctor’s Recommendation Letter
  • One-Year Recommendations

Marijuana Grower License$249.99

  • Increase Your Grower Limit Upto 99 Plants
  • Get Your Grower License Now In Just $249.99

Renewal Patient$45

  • Renew Your MMJ Card In Just $45
  • Previous Recommendation From Any Doctor Could Be Entertained.